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Nick Jonas Opens Up About Having Type 1 Diabetes In NIH Medicine Plus Magazine

Nick Jonas is a singer, a songwriter, a producer, an actor, a gift from heaven… You get our point. There seems to be nothing that he can’t do and every day he validates our theory that he is some kind of superhero even more. Nick makes his crazy life look so easy and he handles his fame so well, which is why some people may be shocked to discover that he has been fighting Type 1 Diabetes since he was thirteen years old.

It’s a hidden battle but Nick prefers to stay open about it and he recently proved this by sitting down to chat with NIH Medicine Plus Magazine in order to raise more awareness about the disease.

When Nick Jonas was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he asked if he was going to die. As any thirteen year old in the same situation would be, Nick was scared about the future. NIH Medicine Plus Magazine asked him to elaborate on these first thoughts and Nick explained, “I had a real concern for my future. First of all as a performer, but then also not knowing anything about the disease. I was initially thinking that it was going to limit my ability to follow my dreams.”

The health publication then asked the star about how he manages the disease on a daily basis. “I’ve got an insulin pump to help manage my Diabetes,” he said, “I check my blood sugar frequently and I do my best to get to know my body and get to feel out if I am high or low. More than anything, I trust my doctor and I follow all of her advice.”

Nick also told the magazine that he has always preferred to live a healthy life regardless of his Diabetes, but the disease definitely gives him more of a reason to put extra effort into making healthier life choices. “I love physical exercise and pushing my body. I think you just need to be honest and vocal with the people you work with, so like trainers and friends who you might be working out with, about the disease and about how to handle certain situations should they arise.”

The musician also complimented his loving family for everything that they have done for him since he was diagnosed. He told the magazine that they have been an, “incredible support,” right from day one. “I became very independent and I chose to be independent when it comes to my Diabetes but I am still never afraid to rely on my family when things arise.”

To end the interview, Nick made sure to leave NIH Medicine Plus Magazine readers with a positive piece of advice. He told them, “Know that you can still do anything you want to do with your life. I didn’t let it slow me down and you don’t have to either. Don’t become discouraged. Diabetes is such an unpredictable disease day to day and even when you think you have a solid grip on it, there are times when your body just does what it wants but be patient and don’t get frustrated.”

You can read Nick Jonas’ full interview with the magazine here or you can download the complete latest issue of the magazine here.

If you are interested in supporting Nick Jonas and his fight against Type 1 Diabetes or if you simply just want to find out more information about the disease then you should take a look at the website for Beyond Type 1, which is a non-profit organisation which Nick co-founded in 2015.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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