No Deposit Bonus at Online Casinos

You have probably come across the term “no deposit bonus” in an internet casino before. Especially if you have been involved in the online casino world for a while. A no deposit bonus, also known as is a popular reward, we dare say that it is the most popular promotion out there.

Whether you’re a budget gambler or a big whale, this bonus will have a strong influence on you. But what exactly is a no deposit bonus? Would you be wise to accept it? And at which online casinos can you collect such a bonus? All these details, you can find out here!

What Is the Casino No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is an offer made by online casinos with the aim of attracting new players, maintaining the loyalty of registered players, or getting idle players back.

The big advantage of this bonus is that the player does not need to deposit any money to get it. However, you do not get this offer in every casino and even the gambling sites that offer this bonus do not give it to their customers periodically but it is available rarely and therefore it is very popular with many. The no deposit bonus comes in different forms.

Some casinos give you a certain number of free spins to try out a certain set of games. At other online casinos, you can get free money to play. There are also casinos where you can spin the wheel of fortune where you have a chance to win different prizes. Of course, the bonus can be a combination of the free rewards mentioned above. In addition, the bonus can be distributed over several days. Every time you log in, you get another gift from the casino.

Why Do Online Casinos Give Away Free Money?

If you google the word ‘online casino’, thousands of results will appear. The competition is fierce. Most online casinos, therefore, do everything they can to convince customers to choose them.

There are several popular bonuses that online casinos sprinkle to bring in players. Think of a welcome bonus and in this case a no deposit bonus. Sometimes up to several thousand euros is given away.

But isn’t this too good to be true?

Online casinos are there to make money and they don’t just give anything away! That has been thought about. The bonuses seem very attractive at first glance, so many players stare blindly and register with the casino to obtain this offer. For customers, the higher the bonus, the better and if it is “free” it will be the best! However, players should not only look at the amount of the bonus but also at the conditions.

Because here lies the crux. In the vast majority of cases, you should not just accept a bonus. The conditions of such a bonus are so unattractive that players miss it. They actually lure you into a trap, so to speak.

So there is no such thing as free money, at least almost none! Because in some cases such a bonus can be quite attractive. Certainly, a no deposit bonus, because you do not have to deposit money with such a bonus.

But how can you ‘earn’ such a bonus? And can you also get these bonuses as an existing player at an online casino?

How to Get a No Deposit Bonus?

To get a free bonus you just need to create an account at a casino. However, this is only the case when the casino offers such a bonus. Registering at an online casino can be done within minutes. The moment you have created an account, you can get started right away and you will see the free spins or free money in your account.

Where you can get a bonus as a new customer, it is also possible that as an existing player you will receive free spins, or free money, credited to your account. Our advice is to sign up for the newsletter of every online casino so that you stay informed of all promotional campaigns. You can often indicate during registration whether you want to be kept informed of bonuses.

Even before you accept a bonus, it is wise to check whether the bonus in question is attractive enough by reading the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Benefits of the No Deposit Bonus

What exactly are the benefits of a bonus? The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to deposit any money to receive such a bonus. The bonus is credited directly to your account and you can then play with it. That way you get to know certain games without it costing you money.

Another advantage is that you can actually cash out the money after you have met the wagering requirements. The latter can also be seen as a disadvantage of a no deposit bonus.

Cons of the No Deposit Bonus

In some cases, a no deposit bonus is not attractive enough to accept it. Conditions say something about the number of times you must have wagered the money before you can pay it out. This is usually somewhere between 15 and 50 times.

In addition, it is often the case that you are not allowed to exceed a certain bet value. There is also such a thing as maximum profit. Some casinos have a condition that you cannot win more than a certain amount.

For example, the maximum profit is set at €100. In concrete terms, this means that if you win €1000, the remaining €900 will be waived!

Tips About Free Bonuses

We can give you some tips when it comes to a no deposit bonus. If you are not familiar with the wagering requirements, do not start with such a bonus. It is then best to refuse every bonus. This prevents you from possibly getting into trouble with the payout.

If you do want to start, make sure you no longer have any money in your account. It is a shame if you have to use your own money to pay a bonus.

Wagering Requirements

It is always good to look at the wagering conditions. Study everything around these conditions and see whether it is wise to accept a bonus. The limit at which it is attractive to accept a bonus is about 25x. However, there are exceptions, and we are happy to give you tips for when the wagering conditions are less attractive.

It is also good to see when the bonus expires: often a bonus expires after about 14 days.

Written by Monella