Ofcom will not investigate BGT over raunchy dresses

In a year which will see a key and hotly contested US presidential election and a divisive referendum on the United Kingdoms future in Europe, we can all sleep soundly at night in the comfort that one of the most pressing and most important issues of the year has finally found resolution; we’re talking, of course, about females choices of clothing.

Last month, the UK communication regulator OFCOM – a governing body whose duty it is to monitor television output and ensure broadcasters are sticking to the rules and regulations  – received 19 complaints from the UK general public, concerning a matter of the utmost importance; singer Alesha Dixon and actress Amanda Holden, both judges on hit show Britains Got Talent, had turned up to two consecutive live semi-finals in raunchy, revealing dresses.


Naturally, outrage followed, and the 19 people who found Amanda Holden’s thigh and Alesha Dixon’s midriff so offensive that they could barely stand it registered complaints with OFCOM, who have a legal duty to seriously investigate every single complaint thrown their way.

Today, OFCOM have revealed that the investigation will go no further, and neither Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden or Britains Got Talent (And it’s broadcaster ITV) did not break any rules or regulations in the choice of attire. OFCOM deemed that the outfits in question did not raise any issues as far as their rules and regulations goes, since it only forbids full blown nudity and even then only before the watershed of 9pm, nor where the judges dressed or acting in a “sexualised way” that might be considered inappropriate for millions of children who watch the family orientated show.

Comedian David Walliams, who sits alongside Alesha and Amanda on the BGT Panel, referenced the news on Twitter, joking that it was he who had submitted the complaints in the first place.

All jokes aside, surely in a media landscape that sees the likes of Katie Hopkins given a weekly radio show and become a well known TV landscape, and celebrities speaking out about government enforced changes that could damage or even destroy the BBC, we have more TV related things to be worrying about than whether the harmless choice of clothing famous females make shows a little too much thigh?

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Written by CelebMix