They might be down from a five to a four but nothing is clearly dragging One Direction down as they sail straight to number 1 on the Official UK Charts with their surprise single ‘Drag Me Down’.

Drag Me Down is the first single from their highly anticipated fifth studio album which is due out later this year. The band shocked fans last week whilst dropping the single without any warning which naturally caused Twitter to explode.

The single also has been breaking records the past week as it has earned the highest amount of streams in the first week of release in the UK. Drag Me Down seems to be a new direction (pardon the pun) for the band as it includes an old-school vibe compared to some of their previous singles.

This is the bands first number one single since 2013, resulting in them having 4 number 1 singles altogether. This is also the first number one for the band since the departure of former band mate Zayn Malik.

All in all, the Drag Me Down single and it’s number 1 status is clearly a sign for those who doubted the bands ability without Malik, showing that these boys are stronger than ever and will continue to make us fans proud.

We look forward to hearing the rest of your album boys. Let us know in the comments if you’re just as excited for One Direction’s fifth album as we are.


Written by CelebMix