Paula Weckerle is more than just a stunning face on the modelling scene

Modelling and Psychology can go well hand in hand, this head turner has proved it well.

Handling dual careers with élan is not everybody’s cup of tea, however a few individuals have paved their paths successfully leading to distinct destinations, Paula Weckerle being one of them. While many would maintain a comfortable distance from indulging in anything that requires more time, attention and energy, this stunner has opted for multiple careers as a model and a psychological guide to young entrants barging into the field of glamour and glitz. Having been in the industry for quite some time now, she advises youngsters trying to set their foot into the industry to hold on and complete their education first before taking modelling as a full-fledged career as she feels that a career in modelling can take a toll on one’s mental health as it is extremely demanding and requires those trying to make a mark to be mentally present which is impossible if they’re having other commitments.

Weckerle advocates mental health ahead of all and advices models to avoid starting young. “The industry doesn’t need super young models anymore as young minds are more vulnerable and may not be able to hold the weightage and issues that tag along the glamour world,” says Weckerle who is as passionate about psychology as she is with modelling. Been there, done that, she has in-depth knowledge on the workings of the industry and when asked what’s the best piece of advice she would like to give to those who are trying to reach the skies in this glamour world, she says, “One should be well-prepared before setting foot on trying their luck as a model. Going through a lot of modelling footage online on YouTube, observing how the industry works by watching fashion shows and gaining deep knowledge on the subject before taking the final plunge can help one go places,” advices the ace model. According to her the profession has its own pros and cons, and difficult too in its own way, but is extremely honourable.

On being asked where does she go from here, she answers, “the foremost task is to validate my diploma and be a certified psychologist or a therapist in the USA. Helping people with addiction management tops my priority list.”

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Written by Monella