Pentatonix Drops “Making Christmas” Single

Grammy Award-winning acapella sensations, Pentatonix, Have been providing their fan base with some very exciting surprises the past few days. One of them being the announcement of their third Christmas album “Christmas Is Here” to be released this time next month. One of the singles have just been released last night, to fit in with the fact that it is coming up to Halloween as well as Christmas; PTX released a cover of The Nightmare Before Christmas’ song “Making Christmas”

The song sets a very spooky tone with eerie choir harmonies. Each member has a moment to shine including new member Matt Sallee; Sallee provides haunting bass to set the tone of this creepy single. The bass is heard very clearly, almost overpowering the other four singers. Of course, Kevin Olusola is back doing his key beatboxing style, giving the song an exciting, fast beat at the same time as keeping the song haunting like the original. Lead singer and baritone, Scott Hoying once again brings his deeper resgister vocal to the song, bringing Jack Skeleton to life. Kristin Maldonado shows off her high register as she brings a lot of the eerie background vocals, it is pleasing to the ear and has brought her more notice among the group. We at CelebMix cannot continue this article without mentioning the incredible tennor Mitch Grassi, bringing his higher notes and tones to the song really brings the song to life, he seems to bring his character to life as he sings with such power to try and freak out their pentaholics, fans were most excited by providing some evil laughs to the song. Really bringing the idea of Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas to life.

The group released the song last night and definitely did not disappoint their fans!


We look forward to what the group brings for their third Christmas album. What do you want to hear? Catch the group on their Xmas tour this year around the USA.

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Written by Kay Simpson

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