‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Released

The trailer for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ has been released and it has made us so excited to see the movie!

Directed by Trish Sie, the trailer provides fans with a preview of what can be expected from the movie, set for release in cinemas later this year.

When speaking about the movie, Trish Sie says:

‘We are taking you on a global tour with the Bellas.’ 

The movie is also set to feature Ruby Rose, and DJ Khaled, who is currently in the charts with tracks ‘Wild Thoughts’ and ‘I’m The One.’

The first ‘Pitch Perfect’ movie was released back in 2012, with the follow-up being released in 2015. Over the years, fans have fallen in love with not only the storyline but also characters such as ‘Fat Amy.’

The trailer sees the girls attending another singing competition, and all the shenanigans that come along with it!

You can watch the official trailer for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ below:

A short behind-the-scenes trailer has been released, which you can watch below:

The official release date for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ is 22 December 2017 – and we are so excited!

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‘Let’s Aca-finish this!’ 

Written by Rachel Dempster