Behind the Hollywood sign with the view of Hollywood city

Plan a Custom Bus Tour of your Favourite Celebrity’s Hang-Outs

Los Angeles is the Hollywood city where you can see celebrity actors and singers attending important events and going on shoots. There is one subtle opportunity that presents itself here- a chance to explore the city and hanging out where all the famous people hang out as well. You can organise a custom bus tour with your friends and family for exploring L.A. You can book buses from the different Los Angeles bus rentals.

If this is your first time planning a city-wide tour of famous celebrity’s hang-out spots in Los Angeles, here is how you can go about it:

Planning when to leave

Whether it’s like a weekend getaway or a nice weekly tour, you have to arrange everything in advance. This will make sure you have nothing to worry about when the trip actually happens. Choose a holiday week when people will have time off their work and children can come along too.

Deciding which places to Visit

There are a number of celebrity hang out spots in Los Angeles that you can visit. Here are some of them:-

Runyon Canyon

This place boasts of breath-taking views of the city and a great hiking trail if you’re into adventure while on the tour. You can even spot a few famous people hiking at this place.

Dolby theatre

Okay, you have to be in the vicinity of this area in February to get a good glimpse of many actors and actresses. This is the home of the Academy Awards. There are $23 USD tickets for tourists who want to catch some behind the scenes action of the shooting of several shows like American Idol etc.

Chateau Mormont

In case you are looking for luxurious accommodation as well as scouting some famous people, this is the place. Many celebrities like Jonah Hill and Lindsay Lohan have been often seen checking in this hotel. The rooms are spacious, have indoor dining and beautiful terrace decorated with exotic flora. It will be an experience you remember.

Apart from these places there are other places like theatres and cafés where many famous people are known to visit from time to time. Warner Bros. Studios,TCL Chinese Theatre, Café Habana, Brentwood Country Mart, 10AK LA nightclub, Catch restaurant, Craig’s restaurant, Hollywood Walk of Fame path, Beverly Hills Hotel and even Disneyland. If you plan to visit all the places mentioned here, you should start planning to stay there at least for a week.

Deciding the budget

Depending on how long you will stay and which places you will visit you need to decide on your expenses. In this case, it is better if you ask for someone’s help as it will be easy to calculate a reasonable cost on everything. Plus, it will take some load off you.

Opting for a bus type

There are various types of buses to choose from when it is a custom tour you are planning. There is the coach bus which the largest kind of chartered bus. It can seat around 50 people and comes equipped with a bathroom, reclining seats, Power outlets, Wi-Fi and even a TV. In case you have a smaller group of 20 people you can go for a mini bus- it comes with all amenities of a coach bus but it is smaller and does not have a bathroom. It is more ideal for day trips. Party buses are a great option too if you are a group of  7-8 people looking for crafted beer along with meeting celebrities for a bachelorette party. Seats are arranged along the sides instead of in rows and there is a place to hold your booze and a great audio system for grooving along as you tour. You can also book an Entertainer bus for if you have a group of ten people. It has a large master suite and comfortable bunk beds for all. There is a kitchen and a bathroom and a decent lounging area in the middle- thus making the bus spacious. These are generally used by singers while they are on tour.

There are various websites that cater to renting buses online, you choose a destination, map out the route, select a bus type, make an advance deposit and you’re good to go.

Written by Monella