DISCOVER: Platnum’s ItsAllAboutAaron’s Solo “The Corner” Featuring Two4kay

Aaron Evers, known as ItsAllAboutAaron, from the duo, Platnum, has released his first solo project, which features Two4kay. “The Corner” isn’t the first solo project to come from Platnum.

Platnum currently consists of Aaron Evers and Michelle McKenna. They were originally a trio, and are mostly known for their first two hit singles “What’s It Gonna Be” with H two O, and debut solo hit “Love Shy (Thinking About You)“.

Since those two songs, they have released a number of amazing songs that you need to listen to. They also got became Twitter verified. They now have that all important blue tick.

Now as a duo, they are making a musical comeback. They recently dropped “Just For Me“, they have been working with Two4kay, Craig David, and The White N3rd. Even more recently, they have a new project coming up with Leanne Brown, from Sweet Female Attitude; called Kula. Keep an eye out, they’re clearly going to drop something big.

Michelle McKenna has already gone solo on a song by featuring on PBH & Jack Shizzle’s song “Call Me“. Now it’s Aaron’s turn.

Aaron Evers’ solo song “The Corner”, which features Two4kay, is the new trap and R&B song you’ve been waiting to hear. Get ready to turn it up, we sure are.

Listen to “The Corner” by ItsAllAboutAaron featuring Two4kay here:

Going as ItsAllAboutAaron, he’s vocals are on point throughout. This guy can sing, and not just sing but keep it real completely.

This song means a lot to him, he knows what he’s saying and he fuels it with emotion and rhythmically gorgeous vocals.

It’s catchy and easily resonates. The production is simple but works perfectly. Just when ItsAllAboutAaron has sold this song to us, Two4kay blows us away. He’s addition makes this the perfect collaboration, adding texture and flavour to an already hot track.

Aaron has always stood out during his time in Platnum, his vocals are distinct. Platnum has always been a vocal talent that deserves to be heard but we did have our doubts on how Aaron Evers would sound without at least a female vocal addition; and even though we do miss Michelle McKenna’s sweet perfect voice, this comes off gritty and real. It sure is all about Aaron, on this.

Solo projects may be ensuring a future for ItsAllAboutAaron and Michelle McKenna, but we are sure this isn’t the end for Platnum. They’ve come too far to go their own ways, and have made too much good music for them to split. Besides, we are still waiting for an album from them; we need a Platnum album, that’s for sure. Also, they’ve intrigued their fans with Kula, we can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to with Sweet Female Attitude’s Leanne Brown.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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