Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude Drop “Looking For Love” Single And Remixes

We’ve already had the music video for this awesome song, released; but as these two garage superstars confirmed, the single and remixes would be released in 2018 – now they are here! “Looking For Love” is the brand new single from Platnum and Sweet Female Attitude, and it’s everything we expected and more. Total fire from start to finish!

We first heard this song when they premiered it at their event in Stoke-on-Trent at Staffordshire University’s LRV. We loved it from that very minute and Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude continued to tease their fans about the release of the song and its music video.

It was quite a wait, but they dropped the awesome and addictive music video back in December; continuing to tease us all with the announcement that the single and remixes were coming soon. What a way to start 2018 with this awesome five-track EP for “Looking For Love”.

Listen To Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude’s “Looking For Love” EP Here:

The song, “Looking For Love”, definitely takes us back to the garage hits that these two artists are known for; Platnum’s “What’s It Gonna Be” & “Love Shy (Thinking About You)” and Sweet Female Attitude’s “Flowers”. It’s beyond addicting and within the second play, we guarantee you’ll be singing along.

Filled with passion and fire, Aaron Evers and Michelle McKenna from Platnum fill the song with emotion. Whereas Sweet Female Attitude’s Leanne Brown gives it her infectious garage spin to twist the track up. Check out more of our thoughts on the single in our music video review.

What we weren’t expecting was four flat-out amazing remixes accompanying the song. Remixed by Rare Candy, Ollie Weeks, and Incredibles; all three bring something new to the table, making us wish we’d hear one of these versions while we’re clubbing on a dancefloor. Each one is energetic in its own right, transforming the track whilst still giving us that identifiable garage sound that is totally missing from the current music scene. If anyone can bring it back, it’s these two incredible artists with these awesome remixes.

If this song is anything to go by, Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude are on course for a great 2018. These tracks are going to become treasured hits by many, and are totally worth listening to and adding to your party playlists. So, go and download and stream “Looking For Love” right now, released through Staunch Records, because we can’t get enough of it.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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