Polartropica Unveils New Single “TERMINATOR” and NFT Collaboration

Los Angeles based Polartropica has shared a new dream pop song entitled “TERMINATOR”. The artist is known for her whimsical and imaginative blend of pop, electronica and rock.

The rapturing yet poignant new single “TERMINATOR” was written during quarantine and is a goodbye letter to a loved one. Polartropica confides, “the track is inspired by Terminator 2’s T-1000 Liquid Metal. Under pressure and attack, he melts down to an amorphous mimetic polyalloy puddle, but reforms himself stronger than ever, and is almost impossible to kill. I wrote this song so that fans and listeners could supercharge on courage and hope whenever going through dark, uncertain times.” With warm vocals singing dreamy melodies that ebb and flow, the searing cinematic song is a memorable composition. Polartopica’s “TERMINATOR” is an enthralling song all about courage.

Polartropica began her musical journey in 2016 with her debut EP “Astrodreams”. Since then the prolific songwriter and performance artist has released numerous singles and EPs as well as her debut album Dreams Come True in 2020. Accompanying “TERMINATOR” is the “DYNASTY COLLECTION” a series of moving sequence NFTs she made in collaboration with artist IZZO.

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