Pop and R&B artist Splaze reveals “Wish I knew” debut single

Splaze has revealed his debut single release for “Wish I Knew” to celebrate pop and R&B culture as he sets his sights on the international music scene. 

Having penned his exciting new track from personal experiences and drawing from what’s happening in the world at large, Splaze is dreaming big with the launch of “Wish I knew” across digital platforms from today.

With a passion for pop and R&B vibes, Splaze has been cultivating his musical style for several years after starting to write lyrics for new songs in his early years. But it’s taken him on a journey of self-reflection to create a narrative for his new musical journey. 

As an artist, Splaze has been getting a lot of attention in the music industry behind-the-scenes. His keen ability to write lyrically powerful songs and ballads makes him a must watch as an up and coming performer. 

Growing up in his native Sweden, Splaze found inspiration from local and international acts. In his early days, he began to adapt new singing styles and studied successful musicians. After carefully forging his path as an artist, he’s been developing songs that can cross genres and appeal to culturally curious audiences. And he’s not stopping there. The artist aspires to make a big impact on the world stage. For him, music is a form of storytelling which can help to cross the divide between reality and dreams. 

Splaze is seeking to build a positive influence in society. With young people influenced by singers, the artist is looking to help his fans think big and be bold with their lives. 

Going though many personal experiences that’s guided his musical style, Splaze’s “Wish I Knew” shares the very best in his personal style as an avid storyteller and writer. 

Available from today, listeners can explore “Wish I knew” across all major digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify

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Written by CelebMix Newsroom