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Sia- 3 Reasons She Is An Amazing Artist

You may have heard the songs “Chandelier” or “Elastic Heart” by Australian singer Sia. However, she has been around a while and has produced other amazing songs such as “Buttons” and “Breathe Me.” We think Sia is one amazing artist, and here’s why.

1) She doesn’t produce music for fame

As many people know, whenever Sia goes in an interview or a performance, she wears something interesting to cover her face. She does this, as she said on the Ellen Show, so she can go out whenever she wants and buy a new hose, for example, without all the hassle of paparazzi and fans following her every move. She doesn’t even appear in her music videos. This is a very respectable move and shows people that she produces music because that’s what she wants to do, not for the fame that comes long with it. Some celebrities today savor the attention and do things just to get publicity.

2) She produces awesome music

Sia’s most recent album, 1000 Forms of Fear, shows off how talented a singer she is. Every note of every song is executed to her best ability, which is always a blessing to our ears. You can see when she performs, even when you can’t see her face, how much she enjoys it. All in all, her voice is definitely something to fangirl -or fanboy- over.

3) Her songs have different meanings

Like many other songs by different artists, her songs have different meanings that could be interpreted differently by different listeners. For example, “Chandelier” could be interpreted as a song about struggling with issues such as drugs or alcohol, or it could symbolize trying to escape a broken heart. This is a sign of a truly good song, and many of her songs are like this.

What do you think, do you think Sia is an amazing artist, or do you think she’s just an average singer? Leave a comment down below or tweet us @CelebMix



Written by LaurenHauck