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PREMIERE | Davy Boi Unveils ‘Dirty Mind’

L.A.’s very own Davy Boi premieres the lyric video for “Dirty Mind” on CelebMix. “Dirty Mind” features the talents of Dai Burger, the Underground Hip-Hop Queen, whose single, “Souffle,” set YouTube afire.

Essentially, it’s a song about the vast difference between romance and booty calls.

According to Davy Boi, “Boys want that Smash & Dash nowadays. For me the song is about the false sense of intimacy I was starting feel when engaging with boys on dating apps. I was being either misled by guys or fooling myself into thinking that our situationships were anything more than casual.” 

Dai Burger adds, “We all have a “dirty mind” here and there, so I figured I’d say the things that people are thinking when that sexy eye candy comes along. Bringing you the burger, extra raunchy, per usual.”

Davy Boi became hellbent on becoming a singer after one of his cousins told him he didn’t have the vocal talent to make it. Shortly after that episode, Davy Boi was taking classical voice lessons and learning to play the piano.

His influences include Aretha Franklin, Carol King, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Troye Sivan, and Frank Ocean, among others. Featured in Billie Eilish’s recent video, Davy Boi’s sound blends pop, R&B, and hints of hip-hop into cool, stylish music.

“Dirty Mind” opens on a contagious groove riding a thumping kick drum and popping bass line, as flowing colors issue forth from the synths. Davy Boi’s voice, smoothly sensuous, infuses the lyrics with posh, voluptuous timbres.

When Dai Burger’s tight, nasal tones enter, she struts her skintight flow, imbuing the tune with wickedly delicious erotic flavors. The combination of the two voices, one creamy and voluptuous, the other taut with erotic vibes, suffuses the lyrics with beau coup sex appeal.

“Knock on my door / With no warning / Wanna hit it till the morning / I know what you came for / Met you out late on the weekend / Now it’s Tuesday / You a’freakin’ / You won’t wait one minute more.”

“Dirty Mind” is lit, radiating sumptuous colors full of torrid erogenous allure, and the polished, charismatic tones of Davy Boi.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.