Premiere: StevenCharles Drops A Long-Awaited Empowering Single “My Destination”

Stellar artist StevenCharles is out with his third official single called “My Destination”, a song that is bound to inspire and empower numerous listeners. The Canadian singer-songwriter has been busy making authentic pieces that share one thing in common—positivity. Uplifting words, fun percussion, and a voice like no other never fail to put the listener in a good mood.

“My Destination” is a two-minute compact piece that shares StevenCharles’ view on the obstacles we have to face in life, speaking the age-old truth that “the rainbows and sunshine always come after the showers”. The artist put it best:  “I wanted to write a song about overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. How the challenges that come with pursuing your passions are all a part of the journey, and how living in the moment is all that matters. We are here right now and all we can do is continue to try our best everyday.”

StevenCharles had previously dropped “Stay” followed by “Love You Still” both of which were focused on the universal theme of love. While “Stay” was fun and upbeat, asking one’s partner playfully to stay the night, “Love You Still” showcased a deep emotional bond between a couple; and it’s no surprise that the songs and their music videos garnered thousands upon thousands of views and streams.

Always true to himself, StevenCharles creates music in his very own lane. “Of course, it’s hard to invent a new style of music when so much has been done before, but I constantly challenge myself to make music that sounds original and unique to my ears. I’ve always known that I’d be making music that would impact people’s lives…and I do believe it might inspire future music makers to create something similar.”

Truly a creative and a fascinating artist, StevenCharles is out there making subtle yet very real change, impacting millions of listeners with genuinity and warmth. Keep an eye on this artist for more awesome music!

Written by Magdalena

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