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Get Ready For a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Movie!

The hit television show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is coming to an end after seven seasons. However, executive producer I. Marlene King may have another project planned.

The first episode of season seven premiered last night and King told Hollywood Life, “It’s definitely the end of PLL as we know it — in this form — on TV at this time.”

The executive producer also talked about the possibility of a future movie. “There is talk about [a movie], but there’s not a set date or anything like that. We hope it works out,” she said. King doesn’t have any specific plans, she just knows that she wants to be able to continue a story in the same universe. She said, “I love the idea of keeping some characters, who are alive, and maybe doing a spinoff or possibly a movie, but I feel like it’s time for us to end this story we started 7 years ago.”

We cannot wait to see how the show is going to end! Hopefully, the universe will continue to live on in a future movie.

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