Raluka in the music video for "Dragoste N-Am"

Raluka Drops New Solo Single & Music Video “Dragoste N-Am”

We finally have Raluka’s first solo release of 2019! “Dragoste N-Am” is out now to stream and download and this Romanian female singer has also dropped a music video to accompany the track. She’s recently released collaborative singles, “Enchanté” with Faydee and Alina Eremia, and “Temperatura” with Andrei Vitan, Ana Baniciu, and Sonja. This single release follows up her previous solo release in 2018, “Whole Body“.

Raluka, real name Raluca Nistor, has had a successful music career to date, she started out by grabbing Romanian chart hits as a featured collaborator on DJ Sava’s tracks, which led to her releasing catchy solo tracks that also hit the charts hard. In recent years, she’s gained popularity on socials although chart numbers have dwindled. Last year saw her team-up with Ana Baniciu to become contestants on Asia Express, a new tough Romanian reality show, after sister duo Nicoleta and Iuliana Luciu withdrew. The show saw 18 celebrities (9 teams) compete with each other in a race across Asia with a travel budget of one dollar a day! Raluka and Ana Baniciu won the whole thing. Now, she’s clearly back working on her music career and bringing unstoppable tracks and amazing collaborations to the table, we are loving her new releases, as well as her new brunette hair.

This new song has been written by Andi Banica and Viky Red, the latter also produced the track. As for the video, it has been directed by Isabella Szanto whilst Roberto Stan acted as director of photography. The song is in the beautiful Romanian language with its title “Dragoste N-Am” translating into English as “I Have No Love”.

Watch Raluka’s Music Video To “Dragoste N-Am” Here:

Lyrically the song is about women who get with an older man just for his money, but who also needs their alone time, to feel free – that’s if our translation of the lyrics is correct. Money can do that to a lot of people. The song as a whole is crafted magically, you can feel the sense of purpose behind the words that Raluka is singing, especially with her vocals being on-point, it’s clear she has connected with this song perfectly.

As for the video, they have done a brilliant job with it. We’re sad to see Raluka’s signature red hair become a thing of the past, but seeing her as a brunette allows her to look more mature and elegant, which is perfect for this music video as she is clearly with an older man who is willing to buy her everything and anything – including a bath full of money notes. There’s a subtle hint that she’s not quite happy with the situation, but it comes and goes throughout the visual – which just shows off her incredible acting skills. Her make-up and hair are total perfection, she looks fierce and beautiful – Anca Buldur was her makeup stylist for the video shoot, whilst George Cozma styled her hair, and the rest of the styling came from Irina Hartia and Silvia Cristescu.

Listen To Raluka’s New Single “Dragoste N-Am” Here:

“Dragoste N-Am” is available to download and stream across all services, right now, via Global Records and Quantum Music.

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