DISCOVER: Raluka Teams Up With Andrei Vitan, Ana Baniciu & Sonja For New Single & Music Video “Temperatura”

What a team-up we have got here, and once again Raluka is a part of it, she sure is pulling out all the stops. Released last Friday, “Temperatura” by Andrei Vitan, Raluka, Ana Baniciu & Sonja is a brilliant track that we simply adore and one that needs to be included in party playlists around the world. The song officially follows up Andrei Vitan’s 2017 single “Romania Ta”, Raluka’s collaboration with Faydee & Alina Eremia’s “Enchanté“, Ana Baniciu’s single “Tu, Inima”, and this single acts as Sonja’s debut track.

This track sees quite the Romanian collaboration. Andrei Vitan started his love for music when he was young and his parents enrolled him in music school whilst he was a child. Clearly destined for success, he continued his career path and dropped his debut track, in collaboration with Sisu, in 2006. In 2008, he took part in the show Featuring Akon In Africa where he received the most votes from the public. Fast forward a few years, after dropping numerous singles, Andrei Vitan became a contestant on the fifth season of Vocea Romaniei (The Voice Of Romania in English), in 2015, where he joined Marius Moga’s team where he made it to the live shows, being eliminated during week two of the First 32 Part II. Now, he’s continuing his music career, and this new single certainly shows him in a great light.

Raluka, real name Raluca Nistor, she had a successful music career when she started out, grabbing Romanian chart hits as a featured collaborator on DJ Sava’s tracks, which led to her releasing catchy solo tracks that also hit the charts hard. In recent years, she’s gained popularity on socials although chart numbers have dwindled. Last year saw her team-up with Ana Baniciu to become contestants on Asia Express, a new tough Romanian reality show, after sister duo Nicoleta and Iuliana Luciu withdrew. The show saw 18 celebrities (9 teams) compete with each other in a race across Asia with a travel budget of one dollar a day! Raluka and Ana Baniciu won the whole thing. Now, she’s clearly back working on her music career and bringing unstoppable tracks and amazing collaborations to the table, we are loving her new releases, as well as her new brunette hair.

What we love about this collaboration is seeing Raluka and Ana Baniciu together on a track after their epic adventure together on Asia Express and winning the whole thing. Her father is the Romanian musician Mircea Baniciu who is probably best known as the ex-lead singer of Transsylvania Phoenix. She has created quite the music career path, to date, with “CSF, N-Ai CSF” single being her most streamed Spotify song. She was previously signed to MediaPro Music Entertainment, but she has been releasing songs under Quantum Music, recently, which is the same record label as Raluka. We’re excited to see what she releases next.

As for Sonja, she’s new on the music scene, with this single release. Her full name is Sonja Ioana and took part in the seventh season of the Romanian version of X Factor, as part of a five-piece girl group named Random. The girl group got as far as the Four Chair Challenge, at first taking a seat before being switched out. Now, Sonja has launched her solo career and it’ll be interesting what she releases next after this brilliant collaboration.

The song, “Temperatura”, was written by Anca Vitan and Andrei Vitan, whilst it was produced by Ramon Pal and Alex Cotoi. As for the music video, it has been directed by Silviu Mindroc whilst Loops Production acted as producers. This is one fierce track that deserves a lot more recognition, and the music video is just as good.

Watch Andrei Vitan, Raluka, Ana Baniciu & Sonja’s Music Video For “Temperatura” Here:

Lyrically the song touches on sexual attraction, raising of one’s temperature when in the area of the other person – we all know how that feels. From the very start, strong beats can be heard before the opening lyrics, suggesting a club track that we know will become a summer hit at our parties – if only it would become an international summer hit, as this track clearly deserves it. Andrei Vitan starts the verses with a strong male vocal in a hip-hop/pop style that is certainly common in Romania and works well. Surprisingly, all three female singers also show just-as-strong vocals, with Raluka shining during verses, whilst Ana Baniciu and Sonja shine during the choruses. Talk about showcasing all four singers perfectly; this is rare to find in a big collaboration, usually someone steals the spotlight, but all four artists bring it to the next level, and it’s probably the reason why we love this song so much.

The music video is beyond sexy, which isn’t much of a surprise considering the lyrics of the song. All three female vocalists can be seen sunbathing on the beach in their two-piece bikinis, sometimes lying on big rocks, other times on the sand, walking along the surf, or sitting on a chair. Even though Andrei Vitan doesn’t match the women when it comes to outfits, he’s scenes have been edited so well that you certainly have to take note of them and make sure it doesn’t outright confuse you – turning this whole music video into a very clever and well-thought-out clip.

“Temperatura” is available to download and stream right now, via Global Records. This deserves to be streamed more, and at least become a hit in Romania this summer, surely.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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