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Ravenna Golden Releases Punk-Influenced New Track “Expensive City”

Ravenna Golden is back and she came back with one hell of a ride!

Her new release is titled “Expensive City” and arrives hot on the heels of her major label debut as a lead singer, called “R U Joking”, as well as this year’s full-length record “Cake Pop 2” where she worked with Dylan Brady (the title of the record itself is a word play on another Brady-produced record, the infamous “Pop 2” by Miss Charli XCX).

Lyrically, Ravenna’s new track is quite contemplative. The singer-songwriter shares her struggle of living in aforementioned expensive city. Talking about the track to CelebMix, Ravenna reveals that that “‘Expensive City’ is a song I wrote about how frustrating it can be to live in a city where everything feels out of reach and just out of your price range. It’s about wanting to fit in and just enjoy your life, a bit of a depression anthem as well.

Aided by the powerful production from long-time collaborator Dylan Brady, Ravenna’s struggles are accompanied by a mixture of pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs, blended with her slightly distorted vocals. It’s pop punk meets hyperpop and we love it! Fast-paced and wild, “Expensive City” takes you on a fun roller coaster ride that leaves you wanting more and more and gives you absolutely no time to catch a breath. It’s fun!

To help promote the song, Ravenna has also filmed a music video where she performs the track dressed in a rainbow-colored jacket in the midst of sad clown-faced mimes.

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