Recap: Nick Jonas’s Twitter #LYWCListeningParty

Last Year Was Complicated, Nick Jonas’ new album, was released on June 10th and it’s already a big hit! The lead single “Close”, which features Tove Lo, peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The music video currently has just over 98 million views! The second single from the album, “Chainsaw”, is said to be the most personal song Nick has ever written.

To further celebrate the album’s release, Nick took to Twitter to invite fans to listen along with the songs while he talks them through the lyrics and what they mean to him. If you missed the #LYWCListeningParty, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out what Nick revealed about this album!


Nick explains that this song is all about a person having control over you, and knowing that you shouldn’t go back to them but you do anyways. He also mentions that he wrote the song with Jason Evigan, who Nick also worked with on his hit single “Chains”.


“Champagne Problems”

For this track, Nick reveals that the song came from an extremely personal experience, and that the lyrics detail everything that happened. Right after his split, he said that him and some friends went up to Mammoth, California and they ended up writing this song.


“Close” feat. Tove Lo

Surprisingly, Nick says that he did not write this one himself, but that when he first heard it, he instantly knew that it was going to be the first single from this album. He talks about the music video for this song and says that him and Tove Lo really wanted the push themselves for it.



This song was written around the same time as “Champagne Problems” while Nick was with some close friends in Mammoth. Nick explains that the song is all about walking through the house he spent a lot of time in with his ex, and learning to eventually be okay with what has happened.



For this song, Nick talks about how the use of the various instruments fueled the song forward. He says that he loves it when he gets the chance to throw in an “organic” instrument. For example, the acoustic guitar in this song. He says that he loves the R&B feel the song has also.


“Bacon” feat. Ty Dolla $ign

Nick talks about how this song, currently his favorite off of the album, is about being happy and enjoying life so much that throwing some bacon on it would make it that much better. He also says that he worked with Nolan Lambroza on this song, who he worked with previously on his hit song “Jealous”.


“Good Girls” feat. Big Sean

One of the first songs written for LYWC, Nick explains that “Good Girls” is about the lack of self-worth that he has seen. This song is supposed to be about encouraging people to love themselves and that “sexiness and being beautiful is more than skin deep”.


“The Difference”

As described by Nick, this song is one of those to blast during the summertime. He says that wrote this song in New York at one of his favorite studios. Nick also reveals that the chorus of this song has some influence from Michael Jackson, and is just overall, a feel good song.


“Don’t Make Me Choose”

Nick explains that this song was about a person in your life making you choose between your work and love, and how unfair and difficult that situation is. He says that he believes it is something that a lot of people can relate to. He also refers to this song as a good bridge between his last record and this one.


“Under You”

Nick says that this song is a great one to play live so he’s looking forward to playing it when he goes out on tour this summer. He also talks about the music video for this song and how Shay Mitchell was an excellent addition, saying that she “poured her heart into it”.



For this song, Nick reveals that this is another extremely personal song filled with lyrics that reference a specific event in his life where he had a hard time making a decision. He also says that this song is probably going to be a hard one to perform, but he is still looking forward to it.



Another song written in New York, Nick talks about this song having some old-school vibes in the hook. He also says the song has “incredibly honest storytelling” elements. He says that he’s glad that he got Allen Iverson’s speech as the bridge on the track.


So now that you know all the songs, what is your favorite track from Last Year Was Complicated? Tell us on Twitter @CelebMix !

Written by CelebMix