Recap of America’s Got Talent Semifinals Week 2

Did you miss America’s Got Talent’s second week of the semifinals? Don’t worry! We will recap everything that happened!

Jayna Brown: Teen Covers Katy Perry

Jayna Brown is Louis Tomlinson’s golden buzzer! She started the night off strong with her cover of Katy Perry’s Olympics anthem, “Rise.” Simon thought it was Jayna’s best vocal performance yet, while Howie said that Jayna raised the bar high for the other contestants!


Kadan Bart Rockett: Kid Magician

Kadan Bart Rockett is a kid magician along with his sister, Brooklyn. Instead of one getting revenge on the other, the two decided to work together for their semifinals performance. They magically made their classmates appear on the America’s Got Talent stage! Howie likes how their playful acts make him feel like a kid again!


Kadie Lynn: Twelve-Year-Old Country Singer

Kadie Lynn is the competition’s only country singer. She sang “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. Mel B admires how much confidence Kadie has at such a young age. Heidi added that Kadie is “so beautiful and so poised.”


Viktor Kee: Juggling Artist

Viktor Kee is a juggler who takes it to the next level! Simon called Viktor’s act “incredible” and “memorable.” Mel B called it “slick” and that Viktor has a good chance of winning the whole competition!


Linkin’ Bridge: Quartet

Linkin’ Bridge sang “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. They received a standing ovation from all four of the judges! Simon thought the song choice was perfect and sounds like a song the group would actually record. Mel B said that Linkin’ Bridge put “Boyz II Men to shame.”


The Passing Zone: Juggling Duo

The Passing Zone was originally eliminated during the quarterfinals. However, Howie, Heidi, and Mel B agreed to bring back the juggling duo as a wildcard. The Passing Zone included Simon Cowell during their act. Simon stood still while the duo juggled torches. Their act was suspenseful! Simon looked absolutely terrified and hated the judges for laughing! Their performance was definitely one you didn’t want to miss!


Calysta Bevier: Inspiring Singer

Calysta sang “Human” by Christina Perri. She was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer during the auditions. After her performance, Heidi and Simon gave her a standing ovation!


Steven Brundage: Magician Leaves Everyone Speechless

Steven Brundage is a magician who specializes in Rubik’s Cubes. He was originally eliminated during the Judge Cuts. However, he returned for the live shows as a wildcard pick. Since then, America has voted Steven all the way to the semifinals. For his act, Steven used over 200 Rubik’s Cubes! We know it sounds crazy but you just need to watch and see!


Sofie Dossi: Teen Contortionist

Sofie Dossi is a fifteen-year-old self-taught contortionist. Her semifinals performance was absolutely stunning that left the judges wanting more. Simon said he felt like he was watching the Olympics! Howie called her act “beautiful,” while Mel B called it “dramatic.”


The Clairvoyants: Mentalists

The Clairvoyants always leave the judges absolutely speechless. They asked all of the judges to sit with them at a table and asked them to write down answers to questions they asked. The setting and production of their act felt like being in a scary movie. Mel B said she was “spooked.” You just need to watch their captivating performance!


Brian Justin Crum: Singer With Huge Talent

Brian Justin Crum covered “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” by Tears for Fears. Howie said that Brian is ruling the world right now because his performance was the best of the night. Mel B said that it was like watching Beyoncé, because when she performs, no one else matters.


Unfortunately, only FIVE acts are going on to the next round. They need YOU to vote! You can do so by searching “America’s Got Talent” on Google, or by downloading the AGT app!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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