Recap of Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 2

Missed the second episode of Once Upon A Time season 6? Don’t worry, we will recap everything that happened!

The episode starts with the Evil Queen and Zelena approaching Regina’s vault. The Evil Queen says that she needs more magic, because she used everything to get back.

At Granny’s, Regina and Henry are talking about starting “Operation Cobra Part 2,” while the people from the Land of Untold Stories are also at Granny’s looking for food and shelter. Regina gives a motivational speech about how she, along with the rest of the people from the Land of Untold Stories, can get a “fresh start.”

Recap of Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 2 1

After her speech, Belle walks through the door, to Emma’s surprise. Belle says she needs a place to stay, and Hook offers to help her find a place.

Henry then sees a stranger walk in and asks him for his name, but the stranger says he’s not important enough for anyone to know him. Henry insists that he can help, and will be able to find his story in Henry’s book. When Henry looks back up, the stranger is gone, but has left a note.

Recap of Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 2 2

In a flashback scene, the Count (the stranger) introduces himself as Edmond Dantès at a ball. He successfully gets his revenge by running a sword through Baron Danglars, the man responsible for the Count’s imprisonment. The Evil Queen then appears and the Count admits that he has spent over a decade avenging his fiancee. The Queen offers him a deal: She will help the Count track down every person responsible for his misfortune, in exchange for the Count to kill Prince Charming and Snow White.

In present time, Prince Charming and Snow White open the note, which asks the Charmings to meet the Count in person. Regina tells them that it’s a trap, and that the Count wants to kill them. The Charmings are confused and wonder why the Count would want to kill them. Regina admits, “I hired him to do it.”

In the next scene, Emma meets with Archie to talk about her tremors and visions. She tells him that in her vision, she is fighting a cloaked figure, while her family watches. The mysterious person then kills Emma with a sword. Emma asks what this could all mean, and wonders if she should even tell her family. Archie then starts asking Emma typical therapist questions, which makes Emma frustrated to the point that she storms out of the room.

In another flashback, Snow and Charming are seen helping the Count, after his village was destroyed by the Queen. He also meets Charlotte, who reminds him of his late fiancee. The Charmings ask the Count if he would like to be their wine steward, to which he accepts.

In present time, Regina goes to the meeting place and sees the Count. She tells him that she no longer wants the Charmings dead, but the Count insists on carrying out the deed. He throws a sword to Regina and then disappears.

Regina calls Emma to tell her to take the Charmings out of Storybrooke, where they will be much safer. However, as Emma and the Charmings plan to make their escape, they are pushed back once they try to cross the town line.

Meanwhile, Hook takes Belle to the Jolly Roger, where she will be staying. Belle asks why he is helping her, and he explains that he is trying to right his wrongs.

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While inspecting the town line, Regina discovers that someone has put a protection spell on Storybrooke, the same one she cast before. Regina says that it should be impossible, because the ingredients for the spell are in her vault, which can only be accessed by blood magic.

At that moment, Zelena appears and Regina accuses her of casting the spell. Zelena insists that it’s not her, and Regina becomes suspicious that Zelena is hiding something.

In another flashback, the Evil Queen gives the Count venom to poison the Charmings.

Meanwhile, in the present, the Evil Queen is back and makes a deal with Mr. Gold. She asks for a coin, and in exchange, she promises not to harm Belle or her baby.

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The Count then fails to poison the Charmings, because he feels that they don’t deserve it. He says that poisoning them and Charlotte would be wrong because like his fiancee, they are innocent.

When he goes down to the cellar, he finds Charlotte poisoned. Rumpelstiltskin then appears and says that he poisoned her, and has his own selfish motivations for wanting the Charmings alive. To get the Count out of the picture, Rumpelstiltskin tells him that the only way to save Charlotte is to go to the Land of Untold Stories. The Count then follows Rumpelstiltskin’s orders and takes Charlotte there.

Regina then meets face-to-face with the Evil Queen, where the Queen reveals that she has the Count’s heart and is controlling him.

In the next scene, the Count finds Snow and Charming at the docks and begins to battle them. The Charmings are knocked out, and as the Count was ready to kill them, Regina appears and saves them by killing the Count. Regina is devastated that she had to kill him, but says that she had no other choice.

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The Evil Queen then reveals that it was never her intention for the Count to kill the Charmings. Her true motivation was to get Regina to kill the Count. She wants Regina’s heart to grow dark again. She then makes a threat that the Charmings and Regina will tear themselves apart.

In the next scene, the group is at Granny’s again, and Charming gets a mysterious letter addressed to him, with a coin inside. He goes outside to see the Evil Queen. Charming says that the coin was a good luck charm that he gave to his dad. He also says that his dad died in a cart accident. The Evil Queen asks Charming if it really was an accident or whether he was murdered.

Next, Zelena is walking toward her baby’s room when she hears her crying. When she gets there, the baby is smiling while being held by the Evil Queen. The Queen offers Zelena and her baby a rattle, which their mother gave to Regina. The Evil Queen thanks Zelena for not telling Regina about their meeting, and insists that the Evil Queen is the sister Zelena wants, not Regina.

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In the last scene, Emma goes to visit Archie again and apologizes. She says that one member of her family was missing from her vision, and that person is Regina. Emma thinks that Regina is the one under the cloak. When Archie asks whether she thinks if it is Regina or the Evil Queen, Emma says doesn’t know.

UPCOMING: The preview for the next episode teases the untold story of Cinderella, along with the appearance of Aladdin and Jasmine.

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