Recap of Once Upon A Time Season 6 Episode 4

Missed the fourth episode of Once Upon A Time season 6? Don’t worry, we will recap everything that happened!

The episode starts inside Mr.Gold’s shop. His appearance has changed, and now he has short hair. The Evil Queen and Hyde appear. Mr. Gold chokes Hyde and tries to kill him, but he can’t. Hyde takes a necklace from Mr.Gold’s shop. Mr. Gold tells the Evil Queen and Hyde not to hurt Belle. The Evil Queen agrees, but Hyde doesn’t.

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The next scene is at Emma’s house with her and the Charmings. Her father, David, is cooking her breakfast, while Snow is with baby Neal. They want to spend some quality time with her before Hook moves in. Henry and Snow get ready to go back to school.

Regina and Dr. Jekyll then come to Emma’s house and Dr. Jekyll shows them a necklace he found – the same necklace Mr. Hyde took from Mr. Gold. Dr. Jekyll says the necklace belonged to a woman he cared deeply deeply about in the past.

In a flashback scene, we see Dr. Jekyll talking to a woman named Mary. He is working on a serum capable of separating someone’s personality into two. He wants to be part of an elite club, but his boss says that his work is too dangerous. After he is alone in his lab, Dr. Jekyll gets angry. Rumpelstiltskin then pays him a visit and asks about the serum. Dr. Jekyll says the serum isn’t finished yet, but with Rumpelstiltskin’s magic, the serum is finished in an instant. Rumpelstiltskin says that if he takes the serum, he can impress Mary. Dr. Jekyll gives in and drinks the serum.

The next scene is on the Jolly Roger ship. Hook gives Belle a shell, which is connected to Hook’s necklace. Whenever Belle is in danger, she can use the shell and Hook will be over right away. Mr. Gold then finds them on the ship and casts a protection spell on the Jolly Roger, which means that Belle can’t leave the ship and no one can come in. Mr. Gold tells Belle, “One day you’ll thank me for it.”

Next, Snow and Henry are at the school, where Henry gets a kiss from Violet. Snow also meets a woman from the Land of Untold Stories, who is her new teacher assistant.

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At Dr. Jekyll’s lab, Regina, Emma, David, and Dr. Jekyll are working on the serum. They plan to ask Mr. Gold to help them stop Hyde.

In a flashback scene, it is revealed that Rumpelstiltskin gave Hyde the idea for his name. Hyde is the part Jekyll wanted to hide from the world.

In the present, the Evil Queen and Hyde find Dr. Jekyll in his lab with the necklace.

Regina then goes to Mr. Gold’s shop and asks him for help. She says that Dr. Jekyll is working on a serum to destroy Hyde for good. Regina and Mr. Gold then go to the lab to find Dr. Jekyll. The lab is a mess and Hyde destroyed everything. Luckily, Dr. Jekyll saved some of the serum in his shirt, just in case. Rumpelstiltskin asked for the serum, but Regina refused to hand it over. Mr. Gold then takes Dr. Jekyll’s heart, and Regina is forced to hand over the serum. He then pours the serum over his dagger.

Back at school, Snow is talking to her teacher assistant. She wonders why the students aren’t participating. The teacher assistant gives Snow advice and tells her that students learn by example. She encourages Snow to embrace who she is – Snow White. Taking her advice, Snow takes her students outside and teaches them the lesson with her bow and arrow. The students then show their eagerness to learn.

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At Hook’s Ship, Dr. Jekyll tells Hook and Belle that Mr. Gold took the serum.

In a flashback scene, Hyde meets Mary in a dark forest. Hyde tells Mary that Dr. Jekyll has feelings for her, but Mary says she doesn’t feel the same way. Hyde and Mary then share a kiss.

In the present, Emma and David are in the forest. Suddenly, Hyde appears and attacks David. Mr. Gold arrives and stabs Hyde with the dagger, but it didn’t hurt him. Hyde says that he switched the vials with Dr. Jekyll. He then throws the real serum on the ground. Hyde takes the dagger from Mr. Gold and demands to be taken to Belle.

In another flashback scene, Mary and Dr. Jekyll wake up in the same bed. Mary asks where is Hyde, and Dr. Jekyll confesses that he took the serum to separate his personalities. He says that Mary wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Mr. Hyde, she was supposed to love Dr. Jekyll. Mary says that she could never love him. The two argue and Mary falls through the window to her death. Dr. Jekyll takes the serum again to escape.

In the present, Dr Jekyll tells Belle that Mary would have been his if wasn’t for Hyde. Belle asks, “yours?” and he responds, “I mean we would have been together.” Belle becomes suspicious and reaches for the shell, but Dr. Jekyll stops her and begins attacking her. They go to the upper level of the ship. Dr. Jekyll was about to kill Belle, but Hook saved her. The two fight and Dr. Jekyll is pushed back into a sharp part of the ship, and dies. As a result, Hyde also dies.

Mr. Gold said that Hyde died because they had to kill the original – Dr. Jekyll. Regina then realizes that if she wants to defeat the Evil Queen, she would have to die. Regina tells Emma that if it came to that point, Emma would have to kill Regina.

Belle asks Mr. Gold why he went to Dr. Jekyll in the first place, and Mr. Gold says it was because of Belle. Back when he was Rumpelstiltskin, he knew that he was starting to develop feelings for Belle. He thought if the serum proved to be successful on Dr. Jekyll, then Rumpelstiltskin could take it to rid his feelings for her. It is also revealed that Rumpelstiltskin is responsible for sending Hyde and Dr. Jekyll to the Land of Untold Stories.

Belle tells Mr. Gold, “I don’t need your protection.” Mr. Gold says that Belle will need him one day, for their son.

The last scene shows the teacher assistant walking in the dark forest. She meets with a girl who can foresee the future – the same one that met with Emma in a previous episode. The teacher assistant says that no one has figured out who she is yet, and then asks the girl about finding Aladdin. The girl responds, “I promise we will find him, Jasmine.”

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