Recap of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2

Missed the second episode of Supergirl season 2? Don’t worry, we will recap everything that happened!

The episode starts with Supergirl and Superman working together putting out a fire and stopping thieves. They are having fun working as a team, but Hank and Alex aren’t liking that so much. Superman is still mad at Hank for not destroying all of the kryptonite on Earth.

Meanwhile at Project Cadmus, a woman has revived a man named Corben using kryptonite, which is in the center of his chest.

Kara starts her first day on the job as a reporter. She meets her new boss, who ignores her and says she didn’t earn her position as a reporter. Kara asks Cat to talk to him, but Cat says Kara needs to do this herself. Cat then reveals that she will be taking a leave of absence from the company. Cat tells Kara, “I’ve just been swimming in the same pool for so long.” Kara says she doesn’t like change and can’t picture the company without Cat. The two then share a hug.

Back at Kara’s house, Clark reveals that he wants to go back to Metropolis. They go to complete one final mission together – or so they think.

They attempt to save a person who is about to commit suicide by jumping off a building, but when the man turns around, Kara realizes that it’s Corben, AKA Metallo. Metallo shoots kryptonite from his chest to Superman. Supergirl and Metallo fight and Supergirl gets hit with kryptonite too. Superman takes Kara back to the DEO, where he tells Hank that this wouldn’t have happened if the kryptonite were destroyed.

Hank confesses that some kryptonite was stolen a few months ago. Superman and Hank agree to work together to defeat Metallo. Winn starts working on building a new suit for Superman and Supergirl that can help them in their next fight against Metallo.

At Project Cadmus, the woman announces “phase 2,” where she turns another person into Metallo, putting kryptonite in the center of his chest, just like Corben.

Back at Kara’s home, she tells Alex that she wants to move to Metropolis so she can be with Clark. Alex gets upset and says that she devoted her entire life to protecting Kara and that the two need each other.

Superman and Supergirl go back to fight Metallo, but it was a setup. Now that there are two Metallos, one went to Metropolis. Clark says that he should have been there.

At the DEO, Alex tells Winn about feeling frustrated at Kara for wanting to move to Metropolis. Winn tells her the story of how he had to live in a foster home, and people kept telling him that he should be grateful. He says that Kara probably feels the same way. Winn says that family need to be there for each other unconditionally.

While Winn is working on the new suits, he says that kryptonite leaves a residue. This gives Alex the idea to use a device to find who at the DEO has been betraying the organization and stealing kryptonite.

Alex confronts the man who has been working for Project Cadmus, and points a gun at him. However, the woman from Project Cadmus and her workers arrive to the scene. The woman shoots the man and then tells Alex that life would be better without aliens. Alex and the people from Project Cadmus fight, and Supergirl arrives to save Alex.

Back at the DEO, the team create a plan where they all work together, because the enemies won’t expect them to have backup. Superman and Supergirl put on their new suits, which prove to be successful when they aren’t affected by kryptonite. However, the devices on their suits are destroyed in the fight. Alex and Hank come just in time to help Supergirl and Superman fight the two Metallos. They manage to take out the kryptonite from their chests. Supergirl sends a message to the woman at Project Cadmus, where she promises to find her.

Supergirl pays a visit to Cat and talks to her about leaving Catco. Cat says that it’s exciting not having a plan for tomorrow. She says that she will come back to the company one day.

At the office, James tells Kara that he will have Cat’s position at the company. Afterwards, Kara goes to talk to her boss at the reporter’s office. She gives him her article and he says that Kara still has a lot to learn and that she should come back tomorrow.

At the DEO, Hank gives Superman the kryptonite and says that he trusts he will do the right thing. Superman gets rid of the kryptonite and returns to his life as Clark Kent in Metropolis.

The final scene shows Kara at the DEO, where she is sitting beside a man who is in a coma. She tells him that he’s not alone. Suddenly, the man wakes up and chokes Kara.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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