Recap of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13 ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk’

Missed episode 13 of Supergirl season 2? Don’t worry, we will recap everything that happened!

The episode starts with Kara and Mon-El’s almost-kiss being interrupted by a strange man, who confesses his love for Kara. He makes candles, music, and flowers, magically appear and asks Kara to marry him. Mon El tells him, “She’s with me,” but the man, who introduced himself as Mxyzptlk, is unintimidated by Mon El and makes him disappear to the D.E.O. in his underwear.

Now alone with Kara, Mxyzptlk tells her “There’s no one like you where I’m from,” and is persistent in making Kara fall in love with him. He even magically makes a wedding dress appear on Kara.

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At the D.E.O., J’onn J’onzz says that Mxyzptlk is a fifth dimensional being who has the ability to warp reality. Mon El says he’s familiar with fifth dimensional beings and warns Kara that they are dangerous.

J’onn also asked Winn if he could help him send a Valentine’s Day message to M’gann, who went away to Mars. Meanwhile, Kara tells Mon El that they will celebrate the holiday once she gets rid of Mxyzptlk.

In the next scene, Alex shows Maggie the card that her mother sent her for Valentine’s Day. That is when Maggie tells Alex that she hates Valentine’s Day, which Alex seemed upset to hear.

Meanwhile, Winn is at the alien bar, where he is confronted by two strong alien men who want to start a fight with him. Then, an alien woman comes to his rescue, and afterwards, the two start a conversation. She introduces herself as Lyra and says that she’s from a planet called Star Haven, which Winn says he would like to visit some day. To return the favor of saving Winn, she asks Winn on a Valentine’s date, and Winn accepts.

Kara then shows up at a burglary, where the burglars try to shoot Kara, but the bullets don’t affect her. Mxyzptlk arrives and turns the burglars’ guns around on them, and shoots, but Kara stops the bullets from hitting the burglars.

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When Kara arrives home, she finds her whole room filled with bouquets of flowers, and she tells Alex to give some to Maggie. Alex tells her that Maggie hates Valentine’s Day, and Kara says she probably didn’t really mean it, and tells Alex to surprise Maggie with something really special. Kara then hears a loud noise outside, and sees that the parasite is back from a previous episode. She fights the parasite, and Mon El comes to help. Then, “Superman” comes to Kara’s rescue, but it turns out that is was just Mxyzptlk dressed up as Superman. Mxyzptlk reveals that he made the parasite appear, and him and Mon El start arguing. Kara tells Mon El to leave, telling him that he’s out of control. When Mon El asked why Kara is so tough on him, Kara says it’s because she expects Mon El to be better than this.

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Back at the D.E.O., Winn asks Mon El for some dating advice. Winn also shows Mon El a device that the D.E.O. has that can help take down Mxyzptlk, but says that the device isn’t ready yet. When Winn leaves the room, Mon El takes the device. Winn then meets up with his date, and makes plans for them to talk at dinner, but his date is ready to get intimate with him immediately.

Next, Alex tries to surprise Maggie with a romantic date, but Maggie gets upset at Alex for not listening to her. Alex asks why she hates Valentine’s Day so much, and Maggie says that when she was fourteen, she sent a love letter to a girl she liked, but the girl did not feel the same way. The girl then showed her parents the card, and her parents told Maggie’s parents, who kicked her out of the house and forced her to live with her aunt. It was the day she was outed.

J’onn and Kara then notice the device missing, and Kara immediately guesses that Mon El took it. Mon El goes to challenge Mxyzptlk to a “fight to the death,” and uses the device on him, which successfully stops Mxyzptlk from using his powers. After getting into a fight fight, Mxyzptlk makes the device disappear and almost shoots Mon El with lead, his ultimate weakness. Kara saves Mon El and then agrees to marry Mxyzptlk in the Fortress of Solitude.

Back at Kara’s apartment, Mon El tries to convice Kara not to marry Mxyzptlk, but Kara says that she has to, and that Mxyzptlk has the power to help her fight for justice. Mon El says “I thought we were going to do that,” to which Kara replies “We’re too different Mon El, I’m sorry.”

Kara goes to meet Mxyzptlk in the Fortress of Solitude and rejects his offer of marriage, which makes Mxyzptlk furious and makes a statue in the Fortress come to life to fight Kara. Kara then programs the Fortress to self destruct, and Mxyzptlk says that he would do anything so Kara wouldn’t die, saying the world needs Supergirl. Kara tricks Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards, which not only stops the Fortress from self destructing, but is also the magic word to send Mxyzptlk back to his world. Mxyzptlk says that he just wanted someone to love him, but Kara says that you can’t force love, you let if find you.

Meanwhile, Winn and Lyra go on another date, this time at a nice restaurant. She says that everyone is staring at her because she’s an alien, but Winn says to let them stare, because she’s beautiful. Lyra says that she didn’t think Winn would want to go out again, thinking he just wanted to experiment being with an alien, but Winn says that he wants to see where this relationship goes. He says that being with an alien doesn’t scare him, but falling in love with someone does.

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Maggie then surprises Alex with a belated Valentine’s Day “prom.” Maggie apologizes and says that Alex deserves an amazing holiday, and says that Alex is the only one who could make her love Valentine’s Day.

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The final scene is with Kara and Mon El. Mon El apologizes to Kara and says that he should have trusted her to handle Mxyzptlk alone. He tells her that she is his “kryptonite,” but understands if she still doesn’t want to be with him. Kara says that Mxyzptlk isn’t the only person that she tricked. She says that she only told Mon El that they weren’t a good match so he would leave her to go confront Mxyzptlk on her own. The two then kiss.

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