Remembering Cory Monteith 5 years later

“A beautiful soul is never forgotten”

The loss of Cory Monteith is still painful after five years, which is why it would be easy to spend today in sadness. But instead of only remembering the heartbreaking loss, we should also try to remember his ability to make everyone feel special – no matter who they are. We should remember his giving heart, his sense of humour, loving personality, and generosity.

It is no secret that Cory faced a lot of hardships throughout his life. However, he did not let his battles define him. He strived to show people that you could achieve greatness by working hard and doing what you love. He was always known to be selfless and someone who wanted to help those who needed it.

When you remember Cory Monteith today, do it in a way that would make him proud. Be mindful of how you treat others, strive to be kinder, love more. This year, Cory’s mother Ann McGregor collaborated with Amber Academy to raise money for their program. By donating you will help fund materials, equipment and supplies for their program. Your generous donation will give young people the opportunity for positive social and personal development, and help them to become confident, productive and healthy adults. All donations to the fundraiser, regardless of size, are very greatly appreciated. You can support Amber Academy by making a donation here.

Because of this, Cory was, and still is, an inspiration to thousands of people across the world because he made them want to become the best version of themselves that they can be. Even after five years, Cory’s legacy continues to inspire those he left behind.

Use today to remember and honour Cory’s legacy. He was and will continue to be, a bright life in so many people’s life. Thank you, Cory for sharing a little piece of your life and beautiful heart with the rest of the world. We are forever grateful to have witnessed your talent and generosity.

Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

CelebMix Editor

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