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Review: Imelda May’s first spoken word EP “Slip of the Tongue”

Imelda May has released her first poetry/ Spoken word EP “Slip of the Tongue” and it’s beautiful.

It’s a spoken word album full of Imelda’s well known and exceptional vocals. paired with an instrumental backdrop. It feels like an intensely personal body of work.

It covers many themes such as heartbreak, obsession and isolation. It showcases how clever and skilled Imelda May is it as using her words to create songs that are full of heart and love, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

Stand out tracks on the EP include Home, the lead single which is an emotive recollection of being deeply in love, that resonates profoundly with anyone who listens to the track.

Stay is current and intensely relatable as it talks about COVID-19 and how we as people have reacted to it, staying home to keep ourselves and those we care about safe. Imelda’s voice on this track has you hanging on to every word she utters.

Of the nine tracks, none are skip-worthy. “Slip of the Tongue” is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, spoken word albums can often miss the mark and become quite samey and repetitive. It’s not the case Imelda delivers with her first spoken word album, that is sure to be hit we new and old fans alike.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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