REVIEW: Jurassic World

Truly a monster of a picture this one!

This summer’s biggest blockbuster proves itself worthy of every high expectation set from all Jurassic’s dedicated followers. This much-anticipated motion picture is set twenty-two years after the devastating events of Jurassic Park, whereby a new dinosaur theme park (Jurassic World) stands in its memory. The park’s company InGen has created a new hybrid dinosaur, the Indominous Rex, to ensure the park’s attendance figures stay high…that can only go right can’t it?

Wrong! Cue the intelligent, monstrous creature escaping its confines and reeking utter havoc, throw in 20,000 screaming tourists and we’re in need of Chris Pratt to save the day!

From the moment of the dinosaur’s escape, the movie remains both intense and action-packed without any significant gore being shown. The noise of the dinosaurs alone and the weight with which they’re presented on screen is enough to get the audience quaking!

Pratt effortlessly takes on the role of the park’s saviour, Owen Grady, former military man turned raptor trainer, with ease. The character oozes all the confidence and dry humour of Indiana Jones, as he teams up with the more conservative park’s operations manager, Clare Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) to tackle the loose dinosaurs and rescue her nephews.

What really surprised me in this flick however, was the amount of charisma and talent brought by the younger actors involved. The aforementioned nephews, Zach and Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) present an odd brotherly bond that is eventually strengthened by the day’s dramatic events. They provide both touching and humourous moments to the piece, and act as the film’s two true courageous adventurers.

Overall, Jurassic World proved to be filled with action, the odd bit of romance, a lot of determination and grit and some affectionate nods to its much beloved predecessor.

Written by CelebMix