Review Now, Not Yet- Half Alive, the perfect addition to your summer playlist

Now, Not Yet is Half Alive’s debut album and it’s a pretty solid effort from a band who just seem to growing and growing in popularity.

Earlier this year the band were scheduled to play a gig at Camden Assembly but the venue had to be upgraded to Dingwalls due to a massive demand of fans wanting tickets.

Now, Not Yet has 12 tracks. It’s a welcome addition to anyone’s summer playlist. Slick production and easy to listen to vocals make it a pleasant listen.

Standout tracks include Maybe and Ok Ok, which showcases lead singer Josh Taylor’s chilled out indie vocals.

Ok, Ok? is the album opener, The intro combines effects-heavy guitars and even a brass section to create an interesting sound, which gives way into a bass-driven indie track. The track is the perfect opening to the album as it leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

Still Feel’, is one of the most lyrically strong tracks on the album, a reminder of the band’s talent of being able to pair interesting lyrics with a catchy, toe-tapping beat.

Musically it’s a varied album that shows who the band are, they like to experiment with sound and as first offering Now, Not yet shows the band have great promise and a long career ahead of them.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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