REVIEW: Revry Presents “The Drag Roast Of Heklina” Starring Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, Jackie Beat, Julie Brown, And Bob The Drag Queen

Who doesn’t enjoy a drag roast? Many of us have watched them on RuPaul’s Drag Race as they are used occasionally as the main task during each of the seasons. Well, here’s a drag roast of Heklina from Revry, which we managed to watch via a screener a few days before it was officially released yesterday, on February 1, 2019.

The clip is 78 minutes long and stars Heklina, Alaska Thunderfuck, Jackie Beat, Jinkx Monsoon, Sister Roma, Julie Brown, Peaches Christ, and Bob The Drag Queen. It was filmed at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco, California, last year and was created by Evan Zampella & Kyle Burt whilst it was directed by Cheyenne Picardo. No topic is off limits and these stars go hard with their jokes and their shade. Be prepared to laugh because this roast doesn’t hold back.

Now, before we started watching this film, we didn’t really know who Heklina was, but by the end of it we knew that the drag queens consider her fat, ugly, old, and someone who is spreading aids; but jokes aside, we knew she was a drag legend but not quite sure why. Some research revealed that she co-founded and hosted Trannyshack which is now known as Mother. It is the longest-running drag event series in San Francisco and has hosted celebrities from Lady Gaga to RuPaul, from Michelle Visage to Gwen Stefani. It was also frequented by Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters before she moved to New York, where she performed often.

Heklina is a staple in drag herstory, well an old staple in drag herstory, but a staple no less; and, she deserves much more credit and it’s great to see her gain more attention, especially with the release of this Revry film. Being the roastee and the host worked well, her shady looks, her heckling and her laughter made this ten times more exciting as you were never quite sure how Heklina was going to react to each and every joke.

Each of the guests got their chance to shine in the roast, each one of them stepping up to the mic after being introduced by Jackie Beat. Not all of them were well known, with the RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Bob The Drag Queen all receiving the biggest reception from the audience when they walked on stage – more so than the host, Heklina herself.

First up was Jackie Beat, her hilarious comedy sailed all the way through the show as she introduced each star to the podium. She’s best known for being in various films and TV series’ and she is certainly making a name for herself internationally. She was flawless with her snide comments and totally nailed it. If there were any jokes that didn’t land we certainly didn’t really click on and that was a sign of a true professional.

The other stars performed and knocked it out of the park. There were times when jokes didn’t quite land and yet they hashed over them and recovered perfectly. Jinkx Monsoon was a total highlight, her roast from start to finish was pure perfection and that laugh just made us laugh! Jinkx Monsoon really proved why she won RuPaul’s Drag Race season five and why she is a world-renowned queen – she’s definitely someone we would love to see live.

The other stars were pretty good, Alaska Thunderfuck was reading off cards, taking it one joke and one shady comment at a time. She replaced Katya who was on a break from drag during the time of filming, and Alaska said some really nice things about Katya and showed her support of her fellow queen. Alaska looked stunning in her dress and her look was completely on point, and we expect nothing less from this RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 winner.

The other RuPaul’s Drag Race star on the show was Bob The Drag Queen who won season eight. He came in out of drag and still threw incredible shade, announcing that the only reason he was there was because Heklina realised last minute that there were no black representation amongst the people on stage. He had a short amount of time and yet still made an impact.

We were somewhat disappointed with Julie Brown, who is best known for being in the film Clueless as well as The Middle, Earth Girls Are Easy, and Strip Mall amongst many others. She started off well but she then turned the roast into a chase where she decided she would beat up Heklina, it seemed over-the-top and hilarious as Heklina wasn’t entirely sure what was going on – or so we believe. It became somewhat chaotic and, although it was completely memorable, it wasn’t exactly great viewing and totally memorable for the wrong reasons. Julie Brown seems to be an acquired taste and we can understand how many others may have thought of her part in the show as iconic and entertaining.

Sister Roma and Peaches Christ completed the line-up of The Drag Roast Of Heklina. They both have been friends of Heklina for many years, having performed at Trannyshack which is now known as Mother. They were both good in their own right but they were outshined on the night possibly because the RuPaul’s Drag Race winners were more well-known; having said that, their jokes landed well and they brought it as best they could.

Last to the podium was the star and host herself, Heklina. Throwing shade last is never easy – as she told us herself – and yet she returned the shade perfectly.

This is a must-see for anyone who simply loves sitting back and watching people throw shade at each other. Be prepared to laugh throughout and to be shocked at the thrown shade. This is just a brilliant watch from start to finish.

The Drag Roast Of Heklina is available to watch on revry.tv now. We suggest you find the time to sit down and watch this, we’re sure you will love it!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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