June Replace Me

Rising Star June Reflects On Her Childhood Friendships On ‘Replace Me’

Rising singer-songwriter June unveils the melancholic yet joyous single “Replace Me,” with a tinge of late 80s pop sound, produced by Lab Ox. This bittersweet single is brimming with nostalgia about childhood friendships, transporting the audience to their childhood and reminding them never to forget their roots and where they come from.

“Replace Me” by the Houston native is a self-reflective single that strikes a beautiful balance through paradoxical emotions and traverses the space between euphoria and nonchalance. It shimmers brightly against an infectious and vibrant yet celestial electro-house soundscape, embellished with lush, honeyed yet bold vocals; luscious melodies; and a contemplative lyricism that takes us back to those fleeting childhood friendships, weaving a coming-of-age anthem that thrives in the pop world.

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Do you ever just take a moment and wonder how quickly time flies by? “We’re only getting older, baby/And now I’ve been thinking about it lately/Does it ever drive you crazy/Just how fast the night changes?” Okay, so maybe we got carried away with our singing, but this is undoubtedly the case. You’re blessed if you are still close to your childhood best friend, as the bond that you both share is unique and enduring, and you cling on to the memories of your younger, innocent self who was unencumbered by any restraints and cares in life. After we grow up, being a child seems like a completely different world that we occasionally miss, but it’s up to you to keep the child in you alive—the one that is joyful and dreams of adorable and beautiful things.

“Replace Me” echoes the thought that even though you’re growing up and may need to go separate from your friends, you’ll always be close and there’s no need to find anyone to replace you! The guitar-laden, electro and contemporary pop instrumentation instantly tugs at your heartstrings, making you want to just close your eyes and lose yourself in the depth of it.

June Replace Me
Photo Credit: June

Speaking of the concept and production of the song, June said,

“‘Replace Me’ is my coming-of-age song written in remembrance of my childhood friendships. The creation of this song felt right instantly because I made it a point to be vulnerable and open when it came to my songwriting. I hope people worldwide can feel my honesty in this new release created with Lab Ox.”

June on “Replace Me”

June, who started learning classical piano at a very young age, has known music for most of her life. She grew into her passion, becoming an incredible singer and songwriter, aiming to create such ethereal music for her listeners that they can relax in the present time and forget their troubles for the time being. She’s hoping to inspire young women of colour to break out more into the pop music world as she has and redefine their lives the way they want to.

Coming from a family of musicians, Jaime Webster’s career in music could have easily been swayed by pressure to uphold her family’s legacy or the allure of stardom, but under the musical moniker of June, she has constantly worked to build up her own space in music, hinged on emotional connections and infectious melodies that urge you to forget your troubles.

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