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RISING: Viktoria Silk Unveils New Single “What’s Better”

At CelebMix, we take pleasure in exploring the world of music, captivating new tunes and presenting our readers with up-and-coming artists who display the potential of establishing themselves in the main leagues in the future through their profound lyricism to velvety vocals to heart-stirring melodies and spectacular soundscapes.

And there’s one such new artist caught on our CelebMix radar, Viktoria Silk.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, R&B singer-songwriter and producer Viktoria Silk celebrates the dawn of a new era as she unveils her steamy new single “What’s Better,” this month via RLP Records and Publishing. A lifelong musician, classically trained pianist and vocalist, who has seamlessly transitioned from classical to electronic music before finding her space in R&B, Viktoria Silk is undeniably a multi-talented musician from being a trained audio engineer to a keen microphone enthusiast.

Credits: Viktoria Silk via Press/ RLP Records and Publishing

“What’s Better” is a sensual, steamy song that will amp up the heart and will get you feeling some type of way. As described by Silk, the song essentially found its inspiration from wanting someone, but things never quite work out to where they get together. One can feel the tension and sparks and they just want to know how it will turn out if they get together with this person, but it still feels somewhat beyond their reach.

Feels too specific and relatable, no? Just us? Alright. But honestly, all of us have been in this boat once or more, where our imaginations fly beyond realms, and we fly away with them. With an alluring style that strikes a delicate balance between playfulness and emotions, the song leads her angelic yet bold vocals, backdropped by melodic instrumentation, peppered by intensified, roaring beats, creating an ambience of the foot-tapping dance floor.

Brimming with a plethora of musical potential, that’s set to be tapped, this latest single establishes Viktoria Silk as a rising star and “What’s Better” as a must-have on your go-to 2022 playlist. The slick, intense yet heartfelt music production showcases the artist’s ability to establish easy connections with her audience, listening through carefully crafted storytelling and technical skills. 

As described in her own words, she loves to collaborate with other artists and producers, allowing herself to expand her horizons and experiment with different styles of R&B music while on a quest for her own signature vibe. She likes to tell stories and paint imagery with her music, hoping it would take her audience to a memory and a special place in their heart and mind that they can relate to.

True to her words, her new song shows great potential to become a memorable tune that you’d keep humming for a long time. Listen to “What’s Better” by Viktoria Silk below! It’s available to stream on all digital streaming platforms.

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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