Rob Tirea Drops Official Remix Of Rayvon Owen’s “Like A Storm”

We’ve got a brand new remix of Rayvon Owen’s “Like A Storm”. The song has been remixed by Rob Tirea who is a producer from Huntington Beach, California. In our article about the original song we even stated that we hoped some remixes would follow the release, and three months later, this one dropped.

Rayvon Owen is best known for coming fourth on the 14th season of American Idol. He came out of the closet with the release of his music video for debut single “Can’t Fight It” and we’ve followed his career ever since. We even managed to interview him in 2017. We’ve been excited ever since “Like A Storm” dropped as it’s a new personal direction from him that we’re loving, and with the release of the remix, Rayvon Owen is definitely proving to be an artist to watch.

As for this remix, it’s everything that we wanted from the song and more. Rob Tirea has been building his career for a few years now, and the work he’s done on this song certainly shows what he is capable of. His previous release was premiered by Nicky Romero on Protocol Radio 295, and was featured by Morgan Page on his Sirius XM “In the Air Podcast”.

The song itself is a heartfelt, emotional ballad with Rayvon Owen digging into some dark depths whilst the chorus suggests he is going to focus on his dreams and make them happen. Rob Tirea uses the passion behind the lyrics to reinforce the backing track pushing it into an energetic dance track that will certainly embed itself in your head.

Listen To Rob Tirea’s Remix Of Rayvon Owen’s Song “Like A Storm” Here:

“Like A Storm (Rob Tirea Remix)” is available to download and stream right now. We’re excited to see what these two artists release next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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