Robin Williams’ Top 10 Best Movies

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 1

It’s been two years since the death of famous comedic actor, Robin Williams. His 65th birthday would have been July 21st. He won four Golden Globes, five Grammys, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, an Oscar, and two Emmys, not to mention over $3 billion in lifetime grosses — not bad for a stand-up comedian who became known because of his roles in the star of Mork and Mindy, a spinoff sitcom from Happy Days about a goofy alien. We have mostly selected Williams’ more recognized roles, which meant excluding some of his smaller ones in films such as Hamlet and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, but we think you’ll agree that what ended up on the top ten list were still some of his best roles

1 Aladdin

In this Disney favorite, Williams was the voice of the “All-Powerful” Genie! Robin Williams’ voice gave Genie the comedic tone he was supposed to have, seeing as he was the character of comedic release.

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 2

2 Jumanji

In this comedy about a board game with a mind of it’s own, Robin Williams plays the role of Alan Parrish, a kid that got stuck inside the game and was released when two other kids found it years later.
Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 3

3 World’s Greatest Dad

In this drama, Williams’ plays the role of a high school poetry teacher and unsuccessful writer named Lance Clayton who loses his son.

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4 Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams plays a divorced father that creates a nanny persona with the name of  Euphegenia Doubtfire in an effort to spend more time with his children.

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5 August Rush

In this heartfelt movie about a kid that’s a deaf musical prodigy trying to find his parents, Robin Williams plays the villain, Maxwell “Wizard” Wallace. Even though he was a bad guy in this film, he gave a great performance!

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 6

6 Good Morning, Vietnam!

This was a movie that is based on a true story in the time of the Vietnam war. Williams had the role of a DJ on the Armed Forces Radio Network named Adrian Kronauer, who broadcasted music and funny stories to entertain the troops and provide them with news.

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 7

7 One Hour Photo

This drama film put Williams in the role of Seymour “Sy” Parrish, a photo-developer who becomes obsessed with a local family that were regular customers.

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 1

8 Patch Adams

In this dramedy based on the life of actual physician Patch Adams, Williams is Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, a physician, originally a mental patient, who’s goal is to alter the thinking of doctors and how they treat their patients.

Robin Williams visits a sick child in a scene from the film 'Patch Adams', 1998. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

9 Happy Feet

In this comedy about a penguin that is different from the rest, Williams voices a lovesick penguin named Ramon, and a philosophical penguin named Lovelace.

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 9

10 Night At The Museum

In this hilarious movie about a nightguard at a museum where the exhibits come alive after hours, Robin Williams had the role of the 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Robin Williams' Top 10 Best Movies 10


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