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Ross and Rocky Lynch Announce The Driver Era U.S. Tour

Ross and Rocky Lynch are hitting the road together this year!

The brothers, who make up the musical duo The Driver Era told ET on Tuesday that they are embarking on a U.S. tour!

“I bet, honestly, nobody expected it, because I don’t know if we fully expected it,” Ross told ET. “We basically made this decision because music means so much to us and a lot of our creative attention, basically, has been put in other places.”

“Like, I’ve been in Vancouver doing Netflix (playing Harvey on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina),” he added. “Rocky actually has been holding down the fort, releasing songs like ‘Low’. I don’t know if you guys have heard that yet. Check that out! That’s legitimately my favorite song.”

They told ET that they plan to release new music before the tour kicks off March 13 in Boston, Massachusetts. “Right now we’re writing, we’re in the studio and making music,” Rocky confirmed. “We played a couple festivals last year … and there was a couple songs that we actually finished, we just hadn’t released, that we played at those shows that were fun. So, there will probably be a couple of those that we play.”

“There will be a full band, live drums, guitars, the whole extravaganza, and we’ll decided covers and other stuff we want to play,” Ross added. “I’ve got a phone full of songs that I’ve written too. We just need to put them out, basically ideally, we’d like to have a body of work to go on tour with, that’s what we’re in the studio working on right now.

Are you excited for The Driver Era to go on tour? Check out the full list of dates below! You can purchase tickets to the show here!

Take a listen to their big song “Preacher Man” below!

Written by Will Heffernan