The Driver Era Shows That Changes Can Be Good

About a year ago from now, Ross Lynch announced that R5 would be changing and that they would be under a new name with a different focus under the new band name, The Driver Era. They released their first single, “Preacher Man,” under their new band name back in March 2018 and since then we have been musically blessed.

With massive hooks and immaculate production, songs like “Preacher Man” show the tight musicianship that Ross and Rocky have honed over the years in their longtime band R5—a five-piece whose self-produced 2017 EP New Addictions was praised as “full of sharply constructed pop confections” by Rolling Stone. It was during that band’s recent worldwide tour, the two began dreaming up a new project that would allow them to explore their more experimental tendencies.

“We had a bunch of songs we’d been gathering for a while,” says Rocky. Although they avoided restricting their vision to any specific sound or style, the duo did set some firm intentions for the new band: to create music without self-imposed limitations, and to always push for sonic innovation.

When asked about R5, they’ll say that this is not the end of that band but the beginning of something new. It’s been five years since their first major label release and they’ve evolved in so many ways, not only artistically but their perspective and world view has expanded as well. “We have completely different ideas and goals at this point in our lives,” says Ross. “We are, of course, evolving and it’s natural to move forward with a new sound and outlook,” adds Rocky.

Since then, they have released a few songs such as “Afterglow” and “Low” with more music coming very soon. Ross has been acting on the Netflix show, Sabrina, which has delayed some of their music projects. With season two coming April 5th and having time before going back to Canada to film season three, the Lynch family decided to go on a tour for a short bit.

There first show was in Boston, MA at a small, intimate venue… there was no green room it was so intimate. The guys… and of course Rydel, took the stage with new songs from The Driver Era. The new music sounds amazing, mature, fresh, they were truly happy performing their new music for the fans that have been around for the past ten years, and new fans as well. They might have thrown in one R5 song too but you have to buy a ticket if you want to find out which song it is.

The Driver Era Performing at The Great Scott in Boston, MA
(Photo Credit: Mitchie Sickles)

Overall the performance was intimate, fun, fresh, energetic and the members all interacted with the crowd in their own unique way. They were truly have the times of their lives on the stage doing their first headlining show in two years. They might be with a new name and new start, but they’re definitely going to drive in full speed to playing arenas soon if they keep this music and energy up.

Check out the rest of their tour dates below and get your tickets here!

Written by Will Heffernan