Single cover art work for "Sweet Nothings" by ROWA which is a black background with a neon green writing of the title and the artist's name in a halloween scary font.

ROWA mixes motown-inspired sample into her alternative EDM-energised single about falling in and out of love titled “Sweet Nothings”

Valentine’s Day is a double-edged sword depending on whether you’re in a relationship or not as well as the feelings that you have, no matter what age you are, and ROWA delves right in with her single “Sweet Nothings”, which she released on this love-filled day, last week. This marks her sophomore single, following up her debut titled “Naughty GXRL“.

ROWA, real name Katherine Schultz, is a singer-songwriter, DJ, and producer who is based in Los Angeles. She originally was born in Milwaukee, WI, but upon graduating high school, she picked up all her stuff and moved to LA. She is known for marching to the beat of her own drum, going on to travel nomadically playing mandolin and guitar in several bands across the U.S., Canada and Mexico but she found her creative nature was not fulfilled and so moved to New Orleans and later LA to focus on her music career. The pandemic led to her learning how to produce music in her home studio, allowing her to pave her own way in music and defiantly amongst various genres really showcasing her creative side. Her genre-defying sound is certainly growing her fanbase, gaining cult recognition amongst fans of LA’s underground scene. She has gone on to gain multiple event residences at reputable venues. ROWA is dedicated to pursuing an independent career in music as a female producer and hopes her efforts will inspire other young women to pursue their own technical skills in music. At the start of last year, she made her debut music release as a featured artist on Mary Droppinz’s single “Hot Pants”, which has gained over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone. One year on, she launched her solo music career with her official debut single “Naughty GXRL”, which quickly gained momentum with tens of thousands of Spotify streams. We’re excited to see what the future brings for this talented singer-songwriter and producer.

Written by ROWA in New Orleans, Louisiana, and later produced by herself in Los Angeles, “Sweet Nothings” is a more alternative dance track than her previous song, really showcasing her brilliant producing skills and raw-energised vocals. ROWA is clearly an incredible artist who brings an addictiveness quality to her music as a whole. The track delves into heartfelt emotions as the lyrics point out about how one can just as quickly fall out of love, as one falls in love. The “honeymoon” stage is something we’ve all felt once, twice, three times, maybe even more, and so it is really easy to relate to the lyrics – add in the awesome intricate percussion sections mixed around some congo drums and high rhythmic drums, and it’s hard not to fall for this track in its entirety.

The song was initially planned to be recorded as a single on a live studio album, but the private investor behind the said album wanted to control her entire career, so much so that ROWA dropped them from her life and moved from Louisiana to Los Angeles. She used her time wisely, learning to self-produce, and gosh did it pay off. “Sweet Nothings” is an absolutely stunning track, that is bound to continue to gain traction. She sure has shown that taking creative control over her own music was one of the best decisions she has ever made, and “Sweet Nothings” is going to be a part of our music library and personal playlists for the rest of our lives.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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