Salt Ashes releases self-directed music video for her single, ‘Girls’

In the self-directed 'Girls' music video, Salt Ashes embodies female empowerment

After releasing the single in May, electronic artist Salt Ashes has released an accompanying self-directed music video for ‘Girls’ which embodies female empowerment 

Back in May, Salt Ashes followed-up from her 2016 debut album with the new single, ‘Girls’. Here at CelebMix, we had instantly fallen in love with our latest dark-pop princess. After releasing the single, Salt Ashes has been working hard on accompanying visuals for the female-empowering single, which brings us to today.

Salt Ashes has described the ‘Girls’ music video as, ‘a video representing people who identify as female or gender fluid celebrating self-expression, freedom of individuality and confidence.’  ‘Some of the clips you see are self-directed and filmed by inspiring people I came across online or fans who had sent me their videos.’

Whilst discussing the visuals for her latest single, Salt Ashes also touched further into the single itself and the inspiration behind it. ‘The song is about someone making assumptions that you want more than a friendship based on something that you wore or the way you carry yourself so this is a “fuck you” to stereotyping and changing yourself for others to not get the wrong idea.’


If you’re unfamiliar with Salt Ashes, we published an Artist 101 on the dark pop princess back in May. Throughout the release of ‘Girls’, the single has managed to curate onto high-profile Spotify playlists such as, ‘New Music Friday UK’ and ‘The Pop List’. This has worked wonders for Salt Ashes as it is gaining her notoriety in her own musical realm.

We’re unsure as to what tricks Salt Ashes has up her sleeves next, maybe another single or dare we even suggest, that sophomore album? Here at CelebMix, we can’t wait and will be patiently waiting for Salt Ashes to do her thing.

The self-directed music video for Salt Ashes’ single, ‘Girls’ is available to watch below:

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