Sarah Darling Blends UK and Nashville Sounds on Upcoming Album ‘Wonderland’

With just over three weeks to go until Sarah Darling releases her fifth studio album ‘Wonderland’ fans are getting more and more excited to hear the record in full. So far the Nashville based artist has shared four official singles off the CD all of which showcase new sides to the sonic sound listeners can expect.

‘Diamonds’ is a sweet Country song that looks to inspire through its heartfelt lyrics about knowing your worth when fighting for a dream, ‘Call Me’ is a pop infused track that incorporates the UK’s mainstream vibe within a Country structure, ‘Fire’ is an empowering song that was inspired by a Vincent Van Gogh quote and is all about having a fire and passion inside of you, while newest release ‘ A Little Bit Of Rain’ is a timeless, heartbreak Country ballad that elevates the record to new heights.

The album which drops on Friday, June 7th was originally launched via Pledge Music with a March release slated but due to the crowdfunding website going into administration, Darling was forced to push the record back but plans however are in place by the Iowa native to honour all orders made through Pledge.

The forthcoming record was written, recorded and produced across England and Wales and was done so because the UK has become Sarah’s second home in recent years. Married to British graphic designer James Muriel, the singer/songwriter regularly visits our shores and due to her extensive touring across the nation she has quickly become a household name within the ever growing homegrown Country scene.

Speaking about her decision to create ‘Wonderland’ in Britain, Darling says: “The whole concept of ‘Wonderland’ was to explore a brand new world artistically and to stretch my boundaries as
a writer and performer. I would walk into a co-writing session having never met the person before and leave feeling inspired. It’s a true reflection of me and the current ride I’m on, which is incredibly exciting. Music is about connection and I’m so proud to share this trans-Atlantic collaboration. It’s the greatest adventure of my life to date!”

Having produced much of the album in Wales, Sarah shares her excitement at being able to make the music she loves in the countryside, and is excited for fans to experience the new music, saying: “I hope everyone gets to experience the magic I experienced whilst recording the record. I never imagined in a million years that I’d be recording an album in London one minute, and in the middle of the Welsh countryside the next!”

The CD was co-written with a number of top British songwriters including the likes of Pete Hammerton and Shelly Poole and tells the story of Sarah Darling’s love of the UK and also gives fans a real insight into the feelings she had whilst making the record: “Every song tells my story,
and imprints this very special time in my life; when I got to create a country album in the UK!”

The full tracklist for ‘Wonderland’ is as follows:

1. Blue Sky (Sarah Darling, Mathew Benbrook, Amy Lawton)
2. Call Me (Sarah Buxten, Matt Peters Dragstrem, Daniel Tashian)
3. London Fog (Sarah Darling, Raquel Cole, Jessica Campbell Waterman)
4. A Boy Like You (Sarah Darling, Fred Wilhelm, Peter Kipley)
5. Shine (Sarah Darling, Fred Wilhelm, Simon Gugala)
6. Light It Up (Sarah Darling, Ash Howes, Seton Daunt)
7. Enjoy The Ride (Sarah Darling, Mathew Benbrook, Jim Duguid)
8. Timelapse (Sarah Darling, Jonny Lattimer)
9. Fire (Sarah Darling, Pete Hammerton, Shelly Mcerlaine)
10. Diamonds (Sarah Darling, Jessica Sharman)
11. Dreams Fade Away (Jill Andrews, Trent Dabbs)
12. A Little Bit Of Rain (Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic, Michael Logen)
13. Talk About the Weather (Sarah Darling, Million Miles, Hannah Yadi)

Wonderland‘ is available for pre-order now!

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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