Sean And Conor Price Drops Music Video For Recent Single “I Hate This”

The brother duo, Sean and Conor Price have continued to release amazing song after amazing song since they were eliminated from The X Factor. Their latest one is beyond addicting and we’ve had it on repeat for hours on end. Yesterday, though, they hyped the song up even more by dropping an official music video to the track, and although it’s basic, it’s absolutely brilliant to watch – this is how you do a low-budget music video and still smash it out of the park.

Sean and Conor Price are an Irish brother duo who have been taking strides, lately, in the music industry with their new music. They made their name known when they were contestants on the fourteenth series of The X Factor, where they placed ninth overall. Since then, they have gone on to release eight singles and one EP – which was titled Dreamer. They have also been on a few tours. Each new song that they release just gets better and better, and we cannot wait to see what they release next.

This song has been written by Sean and Conor Price, Erik Johansson, and Gustav Effraimsson, whilst it was produced by the latter. As for the new music video that was recently released, that was created by Sam Fallover.

Watch Sean And Conor Price’s Music Video For “I Hate This” Here:

The song is very infectious and we certainly love every single minute of this. This brother duo are incredible at creating songs that we absolutely love, and this is another one for us to add to the list. Conor Price takes on most of the vocals, showing how much he has improved over such a short space of time; he controls his voice just perfectly and builds it up for a heart passioned vocal run. His voice outstands us, but it’s Sean Price’s rap that jumps right in and blows us away. Lyrically, the song is about a break-up, and you can hear their feelings in their voices as they sing the song.

Now, we’ve mentioned that the music video looks low-budget and basic, but even in such a case, Sean and Conor Price show that that is not a problem at all. In the visual, we see the duo singing the song, Conor Price starts off first and Sean Price can be seen playing a guitar in the background. They are in front of a red screen and sometimes their clothes melt into the background. The camera moves a lot, giving a warped sense of time and movement. There’s also a scene where they are dressing in gym wear looking a lot like the two guys from the 118 118 adverts. The main takeaway from this video is that they’re having fun, and that’s what makes this so good because they are enjoying filming this visual. There is one slight audio/visual problem during Sean Price’s rap but it’s barely noticeable, and his voice matches his mouth a few seconds later. We love this music video and hope to see more visuals with Sean and Conor Price just having fun.

“I Hate This” is available to download and stream right now. They are currently on their 2019 tour with only seven dates left. Check out their website for more details.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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