Sean Darin Releases Music Video for “California” ft. Kállay Saunders

Sean Darin Releases Music Video for “California” ft. Kállay Saunders

Sean Darin is an award winning Hungarian music producer, remixer, and electronica/progressive house performing artist. For the first time in Hungary, Sean had the most Spotify listeners with his song “Sit and Wait,” which was was released by the Avicii’s label (PRMD). The song was listened to by 9 million people!

Yeah, WHOA. And that’s just one of his accomplishments.

Through his unique beats and sound production, Sean is able to convey emotions. After all, that’s what music is about right? It’s about making you feel emotions.

Now, Sean is promoting his new song “California”, which takes us on a trip through his mind throughout the years.

For the track, Sean Darin teams up with Hungarian-American singer and songwriter Kállay Saunders. Sean directed the video himself, and he shows you California’s beauty, realistically.

For him, the song shows that there’s a parallel between the love you have for someone and the love for the motherland you leave.

With lyrics like, “I’m dreaming of you every night,” and “California, California, I got you in my head / California, California, I wish you never left / California, California, tell me where you’ve been / ‘Cause darling I’ve been waiting ever since,” you can tell the song is about heartbreak and trying to escape from it. But by the end of the video, Sean is ready to face his demons.

Check out Sean’s music video for “California” below:

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