Sergiu Bolota Releases His Brand New Single “Every Little Thing”

We have a brand new single from Sergiu Bolota, which is titled “Every Little Thing”. Released today, the song is addictingly catchy and it follows up his January single “We Were Young“.

This Romanian male singer-songwriter is definitely creating some defining waves with his music. It’s been almost a year since “We Were Young” and it really shows that the timespan has proven to be valuable, since this song sure does cut deep, both lyrically and rhythmically.

Written by Sergiu Bolota and produced by Catalin Ivascu at Fly High Studio, “Every Little Thing” is a track we’ve all emotionally attached ourselves to. Of the song, Sergiu Bolata said: “I know it’s almost a year gap between ‘We Were Young’ and ‘Every Little Thing’, but I preferred to take some time to release new music. I really wanted to do it all by myself: lyrics & music. I composed a lot of songs since last January (around 20) but I picked only three, this song and two others in Romanian, that I’ll release in the upcoming months.”

Listen To Sergiu Bolota’s New Single “Every Little Thing” Here:

The song is very different from what you expect, with rolling verses that progress into an upbeat powerful chorus. Sergiu Bolota fully impresses with brilliant vocals meaning every single word. He even surprises us with the occasional falsetto.

The lyrics delve really deep and listening to this incredible Romanian male vocalist singing those words easily takes us back to a memory which we can easily connect the song with. We’ve all had those moments, those experiences; but, we’ve never had a song that quite explained that part of our lives; well, now we do.

This new song is one we’re all end up adoring. Give it a listen and we promise it won’t disappoint.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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