Sergiu Bolota Releases New Single And Lyric Video “Tell Me”

Sergiu Bolota has returned with this brand new love-track “Tell Me”. It follows up his previous singles “Pleaca” and “Every Little Thing“, the latter of which came fourth in the Semi-Final of Romania’s national selection show for Eurovision 2018, Selectia Nationala, just missing out on the top three which all advanced to the final. This new track shows off his versatility and his story-telling abilities.

This male Romanian singer-songwriter, Sergiu Bolota, is gaining fans year-on-year. His top song, and most-streamed song, is “We Were Young” which was a favourite amongst Eurovision fans during the Romanian national selection show Selectia Nationala. It was written by Eurovision 2015 contestant Stig Rästa, but things didn’t go to plan. Regardless, Sergiu Bolota is not one to give up and we love to back people who are determined to make it in the music industry, and with a voice like his, we’re certain he will.

Talking about not doing well on Selectia Nationala 2017, Sergiu Bolota said: “It was horrible and frustrating. When I released the song, everyone was so excited and told me that I have real chances of representing Romania at Eurovision 2017. There was a lot of pressure for a new indie artist like me and also a lot of expectations. When I went to the live auditions and I saw myself in front of the juries I just snapped and sang quite bad. I felt like I was suffocating on the stage. I failed everyone who believed in my song and it really messed me up.”

He doesn’t plan to participate in Selectia Nationala 2019, but he did say: “I would really like to write a song for someone, but I don’t think I want to participate as a singer this year.”

His new single, “Tell Me”, was written by Sergiu Bolota himself, whilst production was done by Catalin Ivascu at FlyHigh Studio. As for the lyric video, that was created by Iulia Ilisan. Sergiu Bolota has confirmed that his second studio album is expected to be released later this year. “Tell Me” is a different sound than what we’re used to from this male Romanian singer-songwriter, and yet it shows off his versatility brilliantly.

Watch Sergiu Bolota’s Lyric Video To His New Song “Tell Me” Here:

This track is a total love song as Sergiu Bolota builds up this intriguing storyline that hooks us in from the first few words. It’s a story that paints an image of love at first sight and how you approach those first few awkward moments knowing that this is bound to turn into something beautiful. His voice sounds amazing on the track and determined to tell us the story in such a perfect way. The basic backing track with the guitar brings an ethereal nostalgic sound to the track making us want to listen to the song on repeat.

The single has not been officially released, just yet, although we believe it will drop soon. The lyric video is pleasant to watch and uses bright colours to keep us entertained. A couple of weeks ago, Sergiu Bolota dropped a cover version of INNA’s “Pentru Ca” which originally featured The Motans, check it out below.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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