Shawn Mendes releases the audio for his new single “Lost in Japan”

Yesterday, Shawn Mendes gave his fans a heart wrenching account of anxiety and loneliness in his single “In My Blood”. The song talked about the inherent courage that helped the character survive when everything around him seemed to crumble down. Today, the singer took on a lighter tone and released an energetic single “Lost in Japan”.

The two tracks can be seen as two facets of an individual’s life who experience pain and love at the same time. As much as it is ironical, it is also natural. There seems to be an attempt to create a “natural” flow of emotions through the songs and if that’s what Mendes is trying to achieve, he is on his way to accomplish the task.

Piano played at the beginning of “Lost in Japan” creates an expectation for a romantic ballad but it is soon replaced by strumming of a guitar and speedy movement.The expectation then, is defeated and the listener is lost like the protagonist in the single.

What was once a romantic confession turns into a dance track expressing the “rush” of love. It is not just the lyrics but also the music that create pace and a sense of restlessness in the single. The protagonist is on the move, away from his lover (“miles from Japan”) and throughout the song, he is trying to bridge the gap and reach “to” her. It is an excitement of this journey that is most attractive.

Compared to Illuminate, the songs definitely show singer’s maturity and development both as a vocalist and a songwriter. The open confession of emotions that we are witnessing in his new music is a major transformation that not only helps Mendes reflect and share his point of view but also brings his fans closer to him.

When fans were least expecting, Mendes took on his social media to announce the release of his songs and that too, not one but two. When listeners were still trying to overcome the overwhelming gravity of “In My Blood”, Mendes dropped another bomb and it will definitely blow fans’ minds away. “Lost in Japan” just raised the bar of expectation and it seems that Mendes will soon be surpassing it with his upcoming tracks.

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Written by Ayushi

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