Shawn Mendes reveals album artwork through livestream

shawn mendes

The 19-year-old Canadian musician displayed his album cover and title through an 8-hour live stream.

The reveal comes just a day after Shawn released the music video for his single “In My Blood”.

The song speaks of mental health issues and how we look for a way out of anything that even slightly discomforts us, because our struggles are increased tenfold when we deal with depression, anxiety, bipolarity, etc.

The song has been applauded by his fans and singers as it very correctly portrays what a person goes through when they deal with mental disorders but still have to go through with their daily routines, as they are trained to keep pushing and never give up.

In such times, we cry for help from those who surround us, and that’s exactly what this song is – a cry for help. The video was equally as moving, having Shawn anchored to the ground as the atmosphere around him kept changing from a shower of rocks, to a hail storm, to a blossom of flowers.


Shawn went on to have an 8-hour long live stream that ended at midnight, showing a whole crew of people manually working on a wooden frame with fresh flowers, that eventually turned out to be the artwork for his album titled “Shawn Mendes: The Album”.

He also revealed the album track-list that includes fan favourites IN MY BLOOD and LOST IN JAPAN. Shawn has collaborated with Julia Michaels on LIKE TO BE YOU and Khalid on YOUTH on his album that will be released on May 25th, 2018.


Written by Mahek Chacha

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