Sierra Blax Pays Homage to her Youthful Imagination in her New Release brb…i’m daydreaming

Daydreaming is defined as, “the stream of consciousness that detaches from current, external tasks when attention drifts to a more personal and internal direction.” Daydreaming is a very personal thing. Your daydreams can sometimes lead to the greatest creativity and inspiration. Pop talent Sierra Blax’s new album brb…i’m daydreaming is an irresistible, upbeat offering detailing the ways in which daydreaming was the catalyst for the place she is at now. The 10-track body of work is also about doing things on your terms. There is something so powerful in that act. The album is soaked in delectable, lavish arrangements. Through her soulful, buttery tone her music allows listeners to melt away. It makes sense the piece has the title it does as it evokes the ideal escape while you journey through a sonic oasis.

The release commences with an intro that conjures the feeling of a daydream with its far off, fuzzy soundscapes. It is the perfect opener. The single “Distract Me” is a bubbly, ethereal tune that truly tantalizes the senses. Her smooth, sugary vocals flow atop a static backdrop and we are immediately hooked. The song centers on getting over an unhealthy relationship with more destructive distractions. “Real Man Would” is a mesmerizing account of falling hard for a man that knows how to treat you right. The warm, silky vocals soar over an intoxicating beat. Her bonus track “Beautiful Kaua’i” is a haunting, cinematic serenade. The simple piano backdrop provides a seamless showcase for her stunning voice. The singer was born and raised on the island of Kaua’i inspiring this magical conclusion.

Blax is recognized for her rich, R&B/pop style that astounds fans. As much as she loved living in paradise, she longed for a change of pace. Moving to Los Angeles has allowed her to grow tremendously as an artist. This album really represents her masterful evolution.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast