Sigourney Weaver To Cameo In New Ghostbusters

It’s already been confirmed that original cast members Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are set to appear in Paul Feig’s (Bridesmaids, The Heat) version of Ghostbusters, but now it’s been revealed Sigourney Weaver is also set to cameo.

Despite filming having already wrapped, information is still leaking from behind closed doors, and Feig, clearly wanting to stay ahead of the news, tweeted:

“Gang, trying to keep surprises but this is about to leak, so I’ll tell you myself: the awesome Sigourney Weaver is going to be in our movie!”

Ghostbusters, a supernatural comedy about ghost-hunters in New York, did exceptionally well in 1984 and spurned two sequels. However this is a reboot with a female cast at the helm: Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids), Kay McKinnon (SNL) and Leslie Jones (SNL) are leading the charge with Chris Hemsworth playing the receptionist. Nothing is yet known about the plot, or what roles the original cast members are set to play.

One thing for certain, though, after this photo popped up on Melissa McCarthy’s twitter page showing the all-too-rare sight of a female crew, is this: the world will be watching to see if this latest reboot will be a success, if only to continue the conversation of whether women-led movies are capable of doing well at the box office (hint: they are and they do).

Sigourney Weaver To Cameo in Ghostbusters Reboot 1
With the successes of Bridesmaids and Spy under the director’s belt, and a strong cast all the way down, it’ll be one to watch upon release in July 2016.

Written by CelebMix