Six funniest X Factor auditions

6. Emma

Emma turned up for her audition in a wedding dress, and her terrible vocals will always stick in our memories. The teen eventually scored her own Sky reality TV show with her obese family, before auditioning with her sister a few years later.

5. Holistic Vocal Coach

Ariel the Holistic Vocal Coach was rude, arrogant and obnoxious before she even began, and when the judges didn’t like her audition, she got a little bit weird…


4. Debbie Stevens

Debbie had a lot of confidence… “I’m amazing”, she said during her audition. After her mediocre performance, Debbie wasn’t happy with the judges comments…


3. Goldie

Goldie wasn’t feeling very well when she auditioned, but she didn’t let that stop her from putting on an amazing show. Check out her hilarious performance below.


2. Ant & Seb

A&S had everything going for them… good looks, a marketable name, but not the voice! While one of the singers was alright, the other, who raps, let his side down…

1. Ablisa

Could it be anybody else? Twins, cousins, sisters, friends… the girls’ performance made us giggle, but it was what happened after they stopped signing that sticks in our head!


Written by CelebMix