Snervous: The Life of Tyler Oakley

The wait is over! Youtube’s own, Tyler Oakley, has finally released his new documentary ‘Snervous’.

Snervous: The Life of Tyler Oakley 2


Snervous gives the audience a look into the life of Tyler and what goes on during on and off webcam. Tyler has been making videos for eight years, sharing snippets of his life, and finally we get to be more intimate, and learn and discover new things.
Snervous also follows Tyler on his sold out International stage show, going behind the scenes with Korey Kuhl and seeing the intricate events that go on while on the road. It is safe to say, by even looking at the trailer, that Tyler is truly talented and involved in what he does, and the fans are incredibly thankful for it. Snervous is an enjoyable documentary that is full with inspirational and beyond amazing moments.






Snervous is available to buy on ITunes now!


Written by CelebMix