We spoke to Halsey fans to find out why they love her so much

Halsey is an American singer-songwriter. Her debut album, Badlands, was released via Astralwerks, an American record label, in 2015.

Halsey has always been very open about injustices she herself or others face. She’s an advocate for feminism, mental health support and diversity, to just name a few, which is some of the reason’s why people love her so much. She’s constantly expressing how much she cares for her fans.

Even giving them pizza while waiting in the line for her Madison Square Garden show.


To strengthen her bond with her fans, she even got matching tattoos with three of them and encouraged others to do the same.

CelebMix took the time to speak to some Halsey fans from a variety of countries, and this is what they had to say.

Ellie, 19, USA  “Why I love Halsey is because she’s so real and honest. She gives us the truth and she tries so hard. Her music is simply ethereal, I get chills just listening to ‘Roman Holiday’. Her badlands concept is amazing, it’s something we can take a part of. Also, I simply love the aesthetic. She knows that some of us deal with tough issues, and tries to help us through her music. She speaks out on social justice issues, and that makes me love her even more. She’s not afraid to speak her mind. Halsey is one of my idols, she uses music in the best possible way.”

Carly, 19, Germany – “I like Halsey because she has taught me to love myself and never let anyone hold me back, and ‘Hurricane’ has taught me that I am whole by myself, that I need no one to complete me.”

Ali, 19, USA – “I found Halsey right at the start of my freshman year of college. Badlands had just been released and a few people I knew were talking about it. Curious, I looked up the album. I didn’t expect to immediately fall in love but it happened. I bought the album gradually, song by song on iTunes. I was becoming obsessed so fast. To this day, whenever I listen to the album, it takes me back to those fall afternoons and walking back and forth to class. Badlands eventually led me to also buying her EP Room 93 and finding one of my favourite songs of all time; ‘Is There Somewhere’. Her lyrics are deep, raw, and emotional. To me, some lines truly read like poetry. She’s an artist and an idol; all without being one of those bubblegum pop stars that only sing about love and partying.”

“Halsey is an idea. She embodies the younger generation and gives them a voice. She sings about mental illness’, and sex, and the changing world, and about solitude. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks or feels- and while plenty of people have done this in the past, she does for a different demographic. Being only 21 herself, her music reaches millennials who aren’t always taken so seriously. Halsey’s voice doesn’t stop with her music, either. She actively speaks about world issues on her Twitter and in interviews as well, solidifying her own values and the values that reflect from the generation.”

“Speaking for myself, I connect to Halsey for a number of reasons. Beyond her openness about her struggles and her ideas, beyond that she’s absolutely adorable and charming, and beyond even that her music is amazing, I love Halsey because of who she is. She is a sweet, genuine, and yes, flawed human. She isn’t painted in a perfect light, instead, sometimes she’s tore down for petty and nit-picky reasons. This doesn’t shake her hard work or dedication, though, and it definitely doesn’t shake her true fans. Starting out on YouTube and recording music in a basement, Halsey has now played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. I’m so proud to be a fan of her and can’t thank her enough for being herself and letting that inspire so many people. I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

Amy, 16, England – “I have never loved any singer more than I love Halsey; she’s a biracial, bisexual and bipolar feminist with the best personality I have ever witnessed from a famous being or any being at all for that matter. She loves and cares about every single fan she’s ever met, she’d do anything in the entire world for them- to the point where fans used to meet her and be like “I’ve never had my first kiss” so she would offer so that it would be special and memorable (I’m aware it sounds a little odd, but offering to be the first kiss of someone that looks up to you is super cute!). Also, she’s incredibly open with her fans- admitting to being bisexual and bipolar is a very big deal, but earlier this year she admitted on Twitter that she’d suffered a miscarriage on tour- and that was to approximately 3 million people! That takes a whole lot of guts. She’s completely fearless and I love her.”

“My favourite thing about her Badlands album is probably the song ‘Young God’, because it’s almost a continuation of her song ‘Hurricane’ from her Room 93 EP that also made it onto the album: it’s about a boy she used to love, that for some reason thought he was going to die. They’re at opposite ends of the album and I feel that it really ties it all together as a whole, the overall message of heartbreak and love and pain and struggle really coming through. However, my favourite Halsey songs- simply because I can just see the emotions she was feeling as she wrote them- are ‘Trouble’ from her EP, and ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Strange Love’ from her album. They all have the same overall themes: struggle and love. I feel that, even though she’s already on her way, Halsey will definitely one day be categorised with others such as Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. That’s how brilliant Halsey is to me.”

Carla, 16, Louisiana, USA – “When I first heard Halsey I fell in love with her songs. They spoke to me in a way many hadn’t before. Soon after, I learned she was bisexual. As a bisexual person myself, this helped me come to terms with that and understand myself better. Halsey is a daily reminder for me that life gets better. She always puts a smile on my face.”

Abbie, 17, UK – “The main reason why I love Halsey is simply because she is unashamed to be herself and this shows through in her music. She’s proud of who she is and doesn’t let anyone change her or tell her she should be different. She’s out there breaking down stereotypes and representing a small minority of people through her music. I think the music scene really needs more people like Halsey who are giving those people a voice and putting in real effort to produce amazing work. Also, her music is incredible.”

Natalia, 18, Poland – “I started listening to Halsey one year ago, before Badlands came out. I remember listening to her Room 93 EP nonstop because I liked it so much. Then I waited for Badlands to be released and when it finally came out I was in heaven. I’m that kind of person who has a lot of favourite bands and singers but none of them female ones. I just don’t like female voices, but then there’s Halsey and her amazing voice which gives me goose bumps like no other voice. But I don’t adore her just because of her voice and songs which are perfect. I also love her because she’s a strong woman who supports the LGBTQ+ community, is supportive towards her fans and she’s showed multiple times that she’s a lovely person. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.”

Michael, 21, Georgia, USA – “Halsey just has an almost perfect mix of authenticity and aesthetic that I wasn’t even aware that I wanted until I heard Badlands. That album, in particular, I can listen to at pretty much anytime and it always fits despite mood or setting. She’s very good at making sure that lyrics aren’t just words but they create entire stories and feelings that you get to experience as you listen.”

“Halsey is also someone that I like outside of her music, she’s been more than open about her struggles with mental illness and the difficulties she faced because of her sexuality and mixed race. She makes a point to normalize things that a lot of people don’t talk about because they’re afraid of backlash far past the point of expectation. When you put all of that together and then add on the fact that she’s only 21 and sold out Madison Square Gardens on her first headlining tour, it’s really easy to see why she’s risen to the top so fast.”

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Written by Georgia Brown

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